This category and is for sites that contain idioms and/or material for English as a Second Language (ESL) resources for students.

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American Idiomatic Expressions
A comprehensive list of idioms, browsable through alphabetical links. Includes parts of speech, definitions and example sentences.
American Idioms
An extensive list of American idioms used by native speakers.
Commonly-Used American Slang
An alphabetical list of words and expressions, set out as a quiz with hidden answers.
English Baby
Offers an American culture perspective including movies, music, slang words, and conversations.
English Idioms Daily Blog
Site offers fun quizzes, articles and information on the kids' English idiom art contest.
Idiom Connection
An A-Z list of idioms, their meaning and use along with accompanying quizzes for the idioms in each alpha category.
Idiom Corner
English expression forum for experts and learners. Take quizzes, learn new idioms, phrases, quotes, phrasal verbs.
Idioms 4 You
This website provide a platform for students and teachers learn English idioms.
Idioms and Adages Game
Learn idioms or adages by recognizing a picture of the literal meaning of them.
Idioms by EnglishClub
Explanation of famous idiomatic expressions by EnglishClub, helpful for learners of English idioms.
Idioms By Kids
Cute idioms drawn by kids.
Idioms from BeeDictionary
Learn idioms with meaning and contextual usage.
Learn idioms with comprehensive meaning, examples and origin details.
Online Slang Dictionary
Definitions for many slang words and phrases.
Schandlbooks - American Slang
Features up to date slang words with definitions, examples and a slang-idioms quiz.
Slang City
Offers examples of American slang found in popular songs and movies. Also includes insults, body parts, bad words and their meanings.
Sports Idioms
Site is dedicated to idioms derived from terms used in the sports and games played in the United States.
Word Power English Idioms
A to Z listing of famous English Idioms with easy meaning and example.
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