English author of classic novels, Jane Austen lived from 1775 to 1817. She was one of the first writers to elevate the novel into an art form through her use of wit, humor, detail, insight, and social satire. Her books are as widely read today as they have ever been.

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Republic of Pemberley
Discussion group and information on the works, life, and culture of Jane Austen. Online copies of her letters and novels.
Austen for Beginners
Short biography of Jane Austen, information about her books and other writings, summaries of the plots and quotations from the novels, full text of all six novels with explanatory notes, full text of all the juvenilia, and links to other web resources.
Calendars Behind Jane Austen's Novels
Probable calendars, which supports Jane Austen's prose narratives, are given for a few of her works.
The Guardian: Jane Austen
Profile, articles, reviews and links.
Jane "Persuasion" Austen
Biography and opinion.
Jane Austen Jewelry
Photographs with links to create earrings like those worn by a few of her female characters.
Jane Austen, Your Questions Answered
A literature academic provides answers to e-mailed questions. Brief history of Austen, with book and article reviews.
Molland's Jane Austen Resource
A community and resource site for Jane Austen fans, including e-texts of Jane Austen's novels and other texts about her work, links, e-cards, and a forum.
SelectSmart.com: Jane Austen Character Selector
Quiz to determine your true self as a character from one of her books.
Tilneys and Trap-doors
Personal thoughts and humorous opinions on the works of Jane Austen. Fan fiction and e-texts of a few of her novels.
Today in Literature: Jane Austen
Biographical articles about Austen's life and the creation of specific works. Requires free registration to read full articles.

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