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This category includes the traditional oral and written literatures of the indigenous peoples of North America, from the myths and legends passed down by tribal storytellers to the Native American Renaissance novelists, playwrights and poets to the present day authors of modern literature.

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Alaskool - Alaska Native Literature
Text of literature written by Alaskan Native Americans, including chapters by Eskimo Joseph Senungetuk and lesson plans.
Children's and Young Adult Books by Native Americans
Reviews and provides samples of text and illustrations of books, plays, novels and biographies.
Early Native American Literature
Authors of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with excerpts, bio, images, video and references.
Indiginous Peoples Literature
Collection of modern and historical poems, essays and legends arranged by tribe and topic.
Internet Public Library: Native American Authors
Has information on authors with bibliographies, biographical information, and links to online resources including interviews, text and tribal web sites.
Native American Writers
In-depth analysis of writers and poets with excerpts of their works, sound recordings, video and references.
Native Jewelry, Writing and Art
Art forms including literature, painting, pottery, and jewelry with artist and writer biographies, analysis of works and culture.
Native Literature and Legend
Comparison of oral legend and literature with characteristics and examples of early and modern writing.
NativeWeb Resources: Literature
Bibliographies, reviews, and links to past and contemporary authors.
Storytellers- Circle of Stories
Oral literature by tribal storytellers in text or audio files.
Storytellers: Native American Authors Online
Author's biographies, statements, poetry and stories, essays, and bookstores for their work. Over 40 authors are represented.
Studies in American Indian Literatures
A Project Muse online journal offering full text and excerpts of poetry, short fiction, bibliographical essays and review essays.
Twentieth Century Native American Authors
Has playwrights, poets and novelists with analysis, excerpts and bibliographies of their writing.
Voices from the Gaps
Biographies, writings, and links about American and Canadian female authors of color.
Young Native Writers
Holland Knight Foundation presents the text of the best essays written by high school students who aspire to become great writers.
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