This category is for sites relating to work published since the start of 2001, and relating to authors who have published their most significant body of work since then.

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Blum, Jenna
Author of "Those Who Save Us" (2004). [Requires Flash]
Bunker, Todd, 1971-
Seattle-based author of "Wrapped in Gray" (2002) and "The Champion" (2005).
Fairman, Huck
Author of "Hymn" (2003) and other novels set in New York City.
Frank, Jeffrey, 1942-
Author of "The Columnist" (2001), "The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen: A New Translation From the Danish" (2003), and "Bad Publicity" (2004).
Franklin, Emily
Author of the novel "Liner Notes" (2003) and a series of teen fiction titled "The Principles of Love" (2005-).
Author of "The Water Dancers" (2003) and "Good Family" (2005). Events, autobiography, and book excerpts.
Getty, Matt
Weblog of the author of "You Will Behave" (2005), a novella written in second person future tense.
Gross, Gwendolen, 1967-
New Jersey-area author of "Field Guide" (2001) and "Getting Out" (2002). Includes biography, extracts, and information on author events.
King, Dave, 1955-
Brooklyn-based author of "The Ha-Ha" (2005).
McCann, Richard
Author of "Ghost Letters: Poems" (1994) and "Mother of Sorrows" (2005).
Mirvis, Tova
Author of "The Ladies Auxiliary" (1999) and "The Outside World" (2004) and "Visible City". Biography, writing, news, and reviews.
Muller, Eddie
Author of "Distance" (2002), "Shadow Boxer" (2003), and a number of non-fiction titles. Novels, biographies, movie histories, plays, short stories, DVD commentaries, and scheduled appearances.
Sanchez, Thomas
Californian author of "Rabbit Boss" (1989), "Zoot-Suit Murders" (1991), "Mile Zero" (1990), "Day of the Bees" (2001), and "King Bongo"(2004).
Seigel, Andrea, 1979-
California-based author of "Like The Red Panda" (2004), a novel about teen suicide in Orange County. News, author information, and link to her weblog.
Stern, Amanda
Brooklyn-based author of "The Long Haul" (2003). Mailing list, book tour diary, ugly teen photos, and rejection letters.
Ursu, Anne
Award-winning author of "Spilling Clarence" (2002), "Disapparation of James" (2003), and "Shadow Thieves" (2006).
Waksler, Norman
Author of "The Book of Regrets" (2005). Biography, upcoming appearances, and short stories.
Wasserman, Eric
Author of "The Temporary Life" (2005), a collection of short stories with Jewish themes.
Weiner, Jennifer, 1970-
Author of "Good In Bed" (2001), "In Her Shoes" (2002), "Little Earthquakes" (2004), and "Goodnight Nobody" (2005). Weblog, first chapters, tips for writers, tour dates, and author information.
Zaruba, Cassandra
Baltimore/Washington, D.C.-area author of "Liquid Bones" (2006) a murder mystery set in North Dakota. Reviews, author events, and book excerpts.
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