Resources for the study of seventeenth-century (1601-1700) British drama, poetry, and prose.

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English Literature: Renaissance and Seventeenth Century
Part of Alan Liu's Voice of the Shuttle project. Links to information on writers, criticism, journals, newsgroups, listservs, and conferences in early modern literary studies.
Celebration of Women Writers: 1601-1700
A collection of links to pages on a wide variety of seventeenth-century women writers.
English Literature: Early Seventeenth Century (1603-1660)
Biographies, works, essays, and collected web resources for Donne, Bacon, Jonson, Herbert, Herrick, Milton, Wroth, Carew, Lovelace, Suckling, Vaughan, Crashaw, and Waller.
Essays on Early Seventeenth-Century English Literature
Links to full-text essays. Distinguishes between student essays and professional pieces.
Gratiae Ludentes - A Renaissance Jestbook
Prepared by students from the Department of English, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Jacobean Drama: Summaries
Synopses of major plays. From Professor An Sonjae of Sogang University, Seoul.
Literary Resources: Renaissance
Jack Lynch's index of resources for the study of Renaissance and seventeenth-century English literature.
Otia Sacra
Complete text of Mildmay Fane's 1648 book, with original illustrations.
Poets' Graves
Poetry resource site listing the burial sites of major poets. Also includes: glossary of poetic terms, poets on poetry and a poetry forum.
Seventeenth-Century Women Poets: Bibliography
A bibliography of Internet resources and literature on seventeenth-century women poets and writers.
Sources for Seventeenth-Century English Literature
History and politics, women in seventeenth-century England, Renaissance music, Renaissance theatre, art and architecture, and the Black Death.
Timeline of English Poetry, 1603-1667
Links to an English poetry history timeline. Part of Representative Poetry On-line at the University of Toronto.
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