The Middle English period of English literature (1100-1500) includes several great authors, such as Chaucer, Langland, the Pearl Poet, and Malory. It also includes a large body of secular and religious lyrics, dramas, and romances.

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Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)
Includes Chaucer, Gower, the Pearl Poet, Langland, Julian of Norwich, Kempe, Malory, Lydgate, Hoccleve, and the Paston family. The page for each author includes links to online texts, biographies, essays and articles, online resources, and other materials. The anthology also includes Everyman and other Middle English plays as well as Middle English lyrics. At the Luminarium site.
Bibliotheca Augustana
Selection of Middle English and Old English texts.
Cambridge History of English and American Literature: Middle English Period
Volume 1, Chapters 8-20 and Volume 2, Chapters 1-18. Covers every aspect of Middle English literature and discusses the major authors and literary works of the period.
Camelot Project
Arthurian legends and stories from the Middle English period and other periods.
Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse
A large collection of Middle English texts at the University of Michigan. The "Browse the Corpus" link gives access to all the texts in the corpus. A search engine enables full-text searches across the corpus.
Hannah Scot Manuscripts
Two volumes of Middle English tales, legends, and Breton lais in modern English translations.
In Parentheses Arthurian Series
Modern English translations of Middle English texts concerning King Arthur and his knights. Also includes some non-English texts.
In Parentheses Middle English Series
Modern English translations of Middle English texts.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Includes items from the Middle English period.
Labyrinth: Middle English
Provides resources for Middle English studies, including original texts of literary works.
Middle English Lyrics
Provides online texts of a large number of Middle English lyrics. Also includes web resources, essays, and articles.
Middle English Plays
Includes an introduction to Middle English drama, online texts of a large number of plays, essays, articles, and additional web resources.
NetSERF: Medieval Literature
Provides a variety of resources for the study of medieval European literature, including that produced by Middle English authors. Includes links to texts and a search engine.
Online Medieval and Classical Library
Includes original texts from the Middle English period.
Readings in Middle English
Sound recordings of selected prose and poetic texts. Each recording is accompanied by the Middle English text and in several cases by a parallel Modern English translation.
TEAMS Middle English Texts
A large collection of Middle English texts, collectively known as the Middle English Text Series (METS). The "METS Texts" link gives access to all the texts in the series. The apparatus for each text includes an introduction, the text, marginal glosses, and notes. A search engine is also included. From TEAMS (The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages).
Voice of the Shuttle
Provides extensive resources for the study of Middle English and Old English literature.
Wessex Parallel WebTexts
Provides self-contained editions of short Middle English works, with special emphasis on the Harley lyrics. In most cases, each edition includes an introduction, the Middle English text, parallel modern English translation, notes, and glossary.
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