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Endemoniada's Warboard
From Endemoniada zine, dedicated to covering women of the extreme underground scene.
This site enables the music people to meet, and mix music online, read articles, and interviews.
Global Band Promotion
Discussions revolving around music promotion of new bands and artists.
HDR Orphanz
Forum for users of the now discontinued Vestax Hard Disc Recorders (HDR6, HDR8, HDR V8). Portable digital recording studios, tips, tricks, mods, and techniques. - Forum
An 80's forum on the Internet.
iMusic Artist Direct Community
Community containing over 35,000 bulletin boards broken down by style, artist and news.
Lyrics Land
A chat room for a fans of Rap and Rhythm and Blues music. Advice and information about artists.
Metal Tabs
Large forum on guitars, with a metal music section.
Music Banter
A general music discussion forum with sections for many genres.
Music Is My Life
A lil message board for you to chat about all sorts of music, be it pop, soul, hip-hop, rock, jazz or classical.
Music of the Soul
Describe music that has expressed the depths of your soul. Usually, it's connected with a significant relationship, life event, crisis, or time of change.
Forum for music composers, including student and sheet music sections.
Music Unbound
Devoted to the proposition that commercial/professional music is stuck in rigid concepts of style, genre and format, and needs to be freed of these categories, in order to flourish.
Musician War
A music forum allowing guitarists, bass and synth players, vocalists, and songwriters to test their skills against each other, in competition.
Oldies Music Bulletin Board
Questions, trivia and comments on the music of the 50's, 60's and 70's. Also includes a Chat Room.
Pet de Kat Krewe Litter Box
Message board for Pet de Kat Krewe. Discussions about music festivals, upcoming events and travel plans. Also offers music reviews, parties and recipes.
For fans of Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant, and Chris Lowe.
Large community about legal live concert recording.
Pulse Music Board
Large general music message board.
Songwriting Lounge
Songwriting discussions every Monday night from 9pm Eastern onward. Guest speakers are frequent.
Large message board with sections dealing a variety of genres and instruments.
The forum section of the e-zine, with topics on pop culture and genres.

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