"Renaissance dance" is the general name given to a wide variety of European dances from around 1400, through to the early 17th century. Dance types include the galliard, pavan, branle, alman and volta. Many of the sites here also touch on dances from early editions of John Playford's The Dancing Master. However, these are generally considered to be post-renaissance.

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Renaissance Dance
European dance from the 15th to early 17th centuries. Includes a brief introduction, archives of the Rendance discussion list, links to primary and secondary sources, bibliographies, music and reenactment links, and a directory of teachers, performers, organizations and events.
Accademia della Danza
SCA dance group based in Massachusetts. Information about their meetings and activities.
Bassa Toscana
French Renaissance and medieval dance troupe. Information about their performance and education services.
Capriol Society for Early Dance
Based in Cambridge, England. Mainly concerned with 14th-17th century dancing from the European courts. Background, and information about classes.
Polish group performing dances from the Renaissance and medieval periods. Information about members and their activities.
Chorea Historica
Czech group directed by Eva Kröschlová. Information about the group, their repertoire and their costume designer.
Dance of the Ages
Includes some general information about reconstructing dances, descriptions of 15th century dance steps, and a reconstruction of the Italian ballo "Leoncello Nuovo".
Eric's SCA Dance and Music Page
Includes Eric's SCA Dance Booklet, dance music (sheet music, audio files and information about CDs), and a transcription of the 1651 edition of Playford.
Il Ballarino
An English translation of Caroso's "Il Ballarino" (1581).
Joy and Jealousy
Information about a book on 15th century Italian balli by Vivian Stephens and Monica Cellio. Includes a link to the text and music.
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse
A group dedicated to the practice of, and research into, Renaissance and SCA dance. Information about upcoming events, and copies of their electronic newsletter.
The Middle Ages: Medieval and Renaissance Dances
Cheat sheets, step descriptions, and a list of sources for SCA dances, including some from after 1600.
Early dance and theater troupe based in British Columbia, Canada. Classes for children and adults, and information about performances and costume workshops.
Norman W. Gray's Home Page
Includes articles on the Inns of Court dances, Playford dances, the Branle des Chevaux, and the Gresley Collection (circa 1500).
Norwich Historical Dance
Medieval to Playford dance. Information about events, meetings and services.
Renaissance Historical Dance Society
Devonshire UK based group specializing in 15th, 16th and 17th century dances. Includes information about their performances, photos, and a diary of upcoming events.
Thrir Venstri Foetr
Group based in Washington DC, performing dances from Playford and Arbeau. Includes schedules of performances and rehearsals, and descriptions of steps, figures and dances.
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