Information on pinhole (lensless) photography, including history, techniques, how-to guides, and sources of materials.

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Dvoracek, Nick
Instructional materials on pinhole photography, with an emphasis on school settings, a collection of historical articles from the 19th and early 20th century, and a gallery of my own photographs. Exploring 21 Century Photography
Contains a forum for the discussion of pinhole photography, camera construction, exhibition and techniques. Includes an "upload" gallery to post pinhole images.
Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography
Photo gallery plus directions to make a pinhole camera, take pictures and develop them. Also, links to other pinhole camera sites.
Paint Can Cameras
Maker of pinhole cameras and darkroom kits for photo education.
Peggy Ann Jones Photography
Fine Art lensless photography by Peggy Ann Jones, including handmade sculptural cameras and books, as well as info on making Pinhole cameras and photographs.
The Pinhole Gallery
Explains how pinhole photography works, provides directions for making a camera, offers tips for creative photography, and features pictures taken by these homemade cameras.
Pinhole Photography, Poetry, Bookbinding
Blog and gallery containing pinhole photographs, cameras, poetry and hand-bound books.
Information about the simplest image-creating device, its history, sample photographs and the PinholeDesigner program to help you with the necessary calculations. By David Balihar, in both Czech and English languages.
Sharan Pinhole Camera
Easy to make DIY pinhole camera form follows function in this design.
Pinholes and handmade wooden pinhole cameras.
Tortuga 5
Description, technical data and history of the panoramic pinhole camera.
Whiz Kid Technomagic Zone Plate Designer
Automatically design zone plates to use with pinhole cameras under different light conditions.
Without Lenses
Without Lenses is an online magazine about the art and craft of lensless photography.
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
An international event to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography.

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