The study of algorithmic complexity. A topic of particular interest is the relationship between polynomial-time (P) and non-deterministic polynomial-time (NP), the latter consisting of algorithms for which there is a P solution given the right initial guess (often called witness or certificate).

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A Compendium of NP Optimization Problems
This is a preliminary version of the catalog of NP optimization problems.
Complexity of Algorithms
A list of topics from a Computer Science course involving complexity of algorithms. HTML and PS format.
Complexity Theory
Two set of lecture notes by Prof. Oded Goldreich, Weizmann Institute.
Computability and Complexity
An online course on complexity.
Computational Complexity and Programming Languages
Summaries of talks of the DIMACS workshop (July 1996), collected by James Royer.
Computational Complexity Theory
Course COMS 30126: Computational Complexity Theory, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol
Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Research group in the Computing Laboratory, Oxford University.
ECCC - Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
A forum for the rapid and widespread interchange of ideas, techniques, and research in computational complexity. Research reports, surveys and books; meetings, discussions and web resources.
Efficient algorithms and intractable problems
Course taught by Christos Papadimitriou and Umesh Vazirani at the University of California at Berkeley.
IBM Research: Algorithms & Theory
An overview of computational models and methods and how they relate to complexity, with links to selected papers.
Lecture notes on Complexity
Collection of lecture notes by Prof. Eric Allender, Rutgers University.
Parameterized Complexity
Brief description, list of workers and problem compendium, compiled by Todd Wareham.
Probabilistically Checkable Proofs and Approximation
Pointers to some survey articles and their authors, by M. Bellare.
SAT Live!
A collection of up-to-date links about the satisfiability problem (solvers, benchmarks, articles). A discussion forum is available as well.
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