Postscript is a page description language developed by Xerox PARC, and then Adobe systems, with the goal of providing a portable format that would use the best features of every system. It is a block structured procedural language, very similar to Forth. Each postscript document is a computer program that when run, produces the printed pages of the document. Originally Adobe Systems intended for postscript documents to be fully portable between different printing devices, but some other computer companies insisted on including machine language routines in the documents produced by their systems, so the portability between different printers was lost. In response, Adobe created the PDF format, which allows formatting to be tightly controlled on web and printed pages, but requires a special PDF viewer.

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Adobe PostScript
The official site of PostScript, with resources, information, and links.
Adobe PostScript Language Specifications
Official specification of the core data format/language and of several of its extensions, specification errata and supplements. Hosted by the Adobe Solutions Network.
Adobe PostScript SDK Archive
A compilation of documents and sample code previously distributed on CD as the Print Technologies software development kit.
Don Lancaster's PostScript Library
Essays and examples on PostScript programming.
PostScript and GhostScript Resources
Links to general information, utilities, and software.
The PostScript Area
Overview and history of language, explanation on how PostScript renderers work, troubleshooting database, and other basic information about PostScript.
PostScript Books
Lists a couple of Adobe and third-party publications.
PostScript Language Reference
Complete list of PostScript operators, operands, and symbols. Also features a PostScript troubleshooting section, information on document structuring conventions, the OpenPress Interface (OPI) specification, and a list of books.
PostScript Manual
David Maxwell's introduction to programming in PostScript.
PostScript Routines
Briefly describes some pieces of re-usable PostScript code.
Software for the Macintosh Millennium
A shareware archive of approximately thirteen thousand lines of annotated PostScript Code.
Techonolgy Time: Postscript and its Benefits
A brief description of Postscript levels and its benefits.
Wikipedia: PostScript
Encylopedia article about the language and document format.

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