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A peripheral is any computer device that is not part of the essential computer (the processor, memory, and data paths) but is situated relatively close by. A near synonym is input/output (I/O) device. Some peripherals are mounted in the same case with the main part of the computer as are the hard drive, CD-ROM drive, and network interface cards. Other peripherals are outside the computer case, such as the printer and image scanner, attached by a wired or wireless connection.

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Read articles about installing and using peripherals as well as reviews and vendor lists.
Provider of power protection products and services including UPS and surge suppressors.
Arcy Solutions, Inc.
Offers sales and service for new terminals, factory refurbished, spare parts and repairs for Wyse and other brand names.
Arrowhead Resellers Corp.
Specializes in brand name printers, bar code, RFID, mobile computers and printers, PAX print engines and parts distribution.
ARS Technologies
Provides USB products which allow connecting through USB on standard devices like printers, disk drives and CD-ROM drives.
Bottom Line Telecommunications
Offers wide array of computer components by name brand manufacturers including systems, printers, monitors, scanners, media, and consumables.
Canon USA, Inc.
Full range of inkjet printers, scanners, and Fax machines. Provides technical support, drivers, and a dealer locator.
A group of interlinked shopping websites selling all types of computer peripheral devices.
Provides modems, ISDN, PC-cards, cameras and input devices. Offers international software and retail packages in 7 languages.
Creative Technology
Provider of multimedia products and peripherals for personal computers.
CTI Electronics
Industrial computer peripherals such as mouse, sealed keyboards, rackmount and rugged keyboards and industrial joysticks.
Provides computer networking connectivity equipment and accessories such as switches, hubs, and wireless routers.
Enterprise Control Systems
VAR providing solutions for multiple server and data center facilities management and remote server control.
Envoy Data Corporation
Technical distributor concentrating on PC Card products. Large product line for PCMCIA.
Manufacturers of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers as well as scanners, digital cameras and LCD projectors. Site offers FAQ and technical support.
Offers ergonomic products and accessories from innovative input devices such as keyboards, mice, and touchpads to proven assistive devices.
European Electronique
Brand name and niche IT products including desktop and laptop PCs, printers, servers, peripherals and networking products.
Express Systems and Peripherals
Distributor of computer equipment, multiport serial devices and remote access products.
Offers a range of biometric security peripherals specialising in fingerprint scanner hardware and software.
Fujitsu Canada, Inc.
Provider of PC notebook products as well as peripheral devices, including high-capacity hard disk drives, dot matrix printers, and document imaging scanners.
GTCO CalComp
Features the design and manufacture of large-format digitizers, desktop graphics tablets, wide-format scanners and internet conferencing tools.
Heisei Electronics Co., Ltd.
Features the peripherals and systems made by this Taiwanese firm including networking components and input devices.
Home Electronics
Remote control for computers. Enables the use of the remote from a TV, VCR or stereo to control a home computer.
I-O Data Device USA, Inc.
Manufacturer of computer peripherals.
Specializing in APC products for single PC protection to entire data center power management.
Intermec Technologies Corporation
Markets a complete line of data collection hardware, network devices, mobile computers, bar code printers and label supplies.
Interworld Electronics
Offers industrial rack mount PC computers, telephony boards and application software, data acquisition and communications hardware.
Jumbo Computers International
Features this computer peripherals manufacturer's broad product line. Located in Taiwan.
Just Projectors
Features a range of audio visual equipment such as projectors, plasma screens, stands, and interactive whiteboards. UK based.
Kensington Technology Group
Accessories and peripherals for the computer after-market.
Kinesis Computer Ergonomics
Manufacturer of ergonomic computer keyboards and distributor of complementary input accessories for personal computers.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
A document solutions company with a product line up that includes laser printers, copiers, faxes and scanners. UK Based.
Lind Electronics
Makers of auto air and auto power adapters and power packs for portable computers.
Logitech International S.A.
Holding company with subsidiaries which design, manufacture and market broad range of computer control devices, including mice, trackballs, touchpads, joysticks, gamepads, steering wheels, and pc video cameras. (Nasdaq: LOGIY).
A Matter of Fax
Sells printers, monitors, digital cameras, copiers, scanners, fax machines and multifunction office equipment.
Midcom Data Technologies, Inc.
Distributes computer peripherals including printers, terminals, thin clients/network computers, barcoding devices, and data communication devices.
Learn about the broad range of devices manufactured by this firm and purchase these items directly from the firm.
Offers flatbed and sheetfed scanners as well as digital cameras and LCD projectors.
Omni Data Systems
Refurbishes and resells computers, ticket, dot matrix and thermal printers, data terminals, monitors, network and communication boards by major manufacturers.
Peripheral Dynamics Inc.
Designs and manufactures card readers, document image and passport ID scanners, and color card printers.
Specializing in FireWire cameras for microscopy, industrial and OEM applications.
Prine Systems Incorporated
Sells refurbished terminals, printers, phones, phone systems, telecommunications equipment, personal computers, and peripherals.
Reborn Card
PCI cards that can interface with hard drives, provide system administration, and protect against viruses.
Sells gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and software.
Shenzhen Hantat Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer specializing in computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, USB flash disks, digital camera and game accessories.
Sitiless Co.,Ltd
Distributor for computers, peripherals and accessories, and POS systems.
Software Integrators
Sells video card adapters and cables, multisync monitors and switch boxes.
Sells gaming keyboards, mice, controllers, headsets, eye trackers, and mousepads.
Specialized manufacturer of computer peripherals for the emerging PCMCIA industry by providing a full line of cost-effective, PCMCIA Memory and peripheral interfaces.
Builds the Ranger brand of PCs and storage devices.
Tornado Sistems
Hardware distributor for components, peripherals, networking, and systems.
Manufacturer of computer peripherals for both home and small business users, such as mice, keyboards, speakers, headsets, and webcams.
UltraStat Inc.
The patented FST Static Protection System, manufactured in the USA, eliminates the electrostatic potential from both the system and the user.
US Micro Products, Inc.
Products include LCD's, trackballs, backlighting, thermal, receipt and dot matrix printers, custom designs for non-standard products.
Offers USB and FireWire cables and devices.
USB Gear OnLine Catalog
USB product directory for hubs, printers, keyboards, modems, mice, scanners, speakers, digital cameras and joysticks.
Offers a range of USB devices including long range extenders, adapters, hubs, cables, audio, and video devices.
Offers a range of USB cables, hard drive enclosures, express cards, and adapters.

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