Early advocate of using graphics for computer user interfaces, and of using computers to educate children creatively (*NOT* by wrote memory via drillware), one of the creators of object-oriented programming, leader in the creation of Smalltalk and the personal computer. Now working on Squeak and related software.

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Alan Kay
Biography, photographs, and references for one of the foreground characters of the personal computer revolution.
Alan Kay
Growing article, with links to related topics. Wikipedia.
Building Your Own Dynamic Language is Fun and Easy
Abstract, slide show, references, from First Steps on the Road to Reinventing Computing, by Ian Piumarta, Viewpoints Research Institute. Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium, 2007 Feb 14.
Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution: Alan Kay
Brief biography, old picture.
Making COLAs with Pepsi and Coke
Describes new way to build programming languages, systems, environments, applications. By Ian Piumarta, Viewpoints Research Institute. [PDF]
mprove: Alan Kay Bibliography
A list of references to articles by Alan Kay. Excerpts of his master's and Ph.D. thesis.
Predicting The Future
By Alan C. Kay; essay on how things get invented, and how to do better. [Stanford Engineering]
Report on OOPSLA97
Summaries of Alan Kay keynote talk, Squeak Birds of a Feather (BOF) meeting, Squeak paper talk. By Mark Guzdial.
Squeak Wiki: Alan Kay
Brief biography, old picture, some links, contact information.
Watch What I Do
A Forward by Kay, from a book on programming by demonstration.
Alan Kay: The PC Must be Revamped, Now
PCs should help people learn, not merely perform tasks, the prize-winning computer scientist says. CIO Insight. (February 14, 2007)
Steps Toward the Reinvention of Programming
Brief citation, many forum comments. Lambda the Ultimate. (February 02, 2007)
Alan Kay: Is Computer Science an Oxymoron?
Summary of Kay talk, photograph series. Windley's Technometria. (February 23, 2006)
Alan Kay: The 100 Dollar Laptop and Powerful Ideas
Summary of Kay talk, photograph series. Windley's Technometria. (February 23, 2006)
A Conversation with Alan Kay: Big Talk with the Creator of Smalltalk, and Much More
Historical perspective on personal computing, programming languages, from one of the industry’s preeminent pioneers. [ACM Queue] (December 01, 2004)
Smalltalk with Object-Oriented Programming Pioneer Kay
Interview, on influences, history, rationale; laptops; advice. [SearchWebServices.com] (May 05, 2004)
Lisa Rein's Tour of Alan Kay's Etech 2003 Presentation
Covers history, Smalltalk, Squeak, Etoys, late binding, Croquet; Sketchpad, PDP1 Spacewar, Lisp; Ivan Sutherland, Doug Englebart, John McCarthy; in text, photos, audio, video in different resolutions. Open Content, public domain. (May 09, 2003)
Daddy, Are We There Yet? A Discussion with Alan Kay
Smalltalk inventor speaks about computing today, and where it's going. [O'Reilly OpenP2P.com] (April 03, 2003)
Educom'98: Alan Kay: The Computer 'Revolution' Hasn't Happened Yet
RealVideo webcast from conference by EDUCAUSE nonprofit association with goal to advance higher education by promoting intelligent use of information technology. (October 15, 1998)
Tools For Thought: The Birth of the Fantasy Amplifier
By Howard Rheingold. Online copy of well known 1985 book on the invention of modern computing; this chapter on PARC, Alan Kay, Dynabook, Smalltalk, Atari. Newer (c)2000 edition of the book is out, with follow-up interviews. (June 01, 1985)
SPACEWAR: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums
Famous Rolling Stone article by Stewart Brand, part of which discusses PARC, Alan Kay, Dynabook, Smalltalk. (December 07, 1972)
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