Sites specific/instrumental/related to the deployment/development of IPv6. IPv6 is the new Internet Protocol, following IPv4 which allows 128-bit addressing compared to the 32bit addressing in IPv4, thus allowing more nodes to participate on the Internet without the need for NAT.

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Free IPv6 training and deployment support.
Large-Scale International IPv6 Pilot Network.
Project related to the IPv6 infrastructure deployed in Europe.
European Commission IPv6 Task Force
Project overview with information documentation, meeting minutes, press room, links and resources for all task force members.
Hurricane Electric - IPv6 Project Page
IPv6 project overview with free tunnel broker services and a IPv6 Forum. [Native IPv6, USA]
IETF: IP Version 6 Working Group
Details of the working group, which has concluded. Includes description, list of completed goals, and links to drafts and RFCs.
Internet2 IPv6 Workgroup
IPv6 Working Group information.
IPv6 Deployment Aggregated Status
Statistics for IPv6 deployment per country.
IPv6 Essentials by Silvia Hagen
Sample chapter from her book and some background information about the book, which has been published by Oreilly. [PDF]
IPv6 Forum
World-wide consortium of Internet vendors aiming to promote IPv6. Includes mailing lists, event listings, technical information, and links.
The IPv6 Mess
D. J. Bernstein explains how the current specifications make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 a difficult one.
IPv6 Proxy .Org
Provides a centralized tool for testing IPv6 connectivity on websites over the web.
A web portal devoted to providing information, consultation and hardware for the IPv6 Tech Industry.
The latest news about IPv6 and Internet of Things related matters. There is also a large collection of videos, presentations and books available as well as an online shop.
IPv6: What, Why, How
Presentation of 60 slides to introduce those familiar with IPv4 to IPv6. Covers both executive and highly technical topics. Also available as a PDF download.
Russian National IPv6 Forum
The Russian representation of Worldwide IPv6 Forum.
SixXS (Six Access)
IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker: provides IPv6 tunnels, GRH (Ghost Router Hunter, for IPv6 BGP debugging) and IPv6Gate
A directory of web sites that are accessible via IPv6. Sites can be searched and browsed by tags, and new sites may be added by users.
Surfnet IPv6
Dutch educational Internet backbone. Project page, peering with many other IPv6 sites.
TAHI Project
Conformance tests and interoperability tests for IPv6. Working together with the KAME and USAGI Project.
Wikipedia: IPv6
Encyclopedia article about he protocol, including overview, features, usage, and links for further reading.
World IPv6 Launch
Various measurements concerning IPv6 adoption, blog.
2011 World IPV6 Day
Site by the Internet Society describing a large-scale 24-hour test of IPv6 technologies and fall-back mechanisms. Includes background information, an FAQ, and a list of participants. (June 08, 2011)

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