Algol 68 is a procedural language designed under the auspices of IFIP Working Group 2.1 as a successor to Algol 60. The language is formally defined in the Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 68 by A. van Wijngaarden et al using a VW (2 level) grammar. It is designed to be as orthogonal as possible and is block structured via the constructs: if - then - else - fi, case - in - out - esac, from - by - from - to - while - do. It is strongly typed with user definable modes and automatic de-referencing and coercion. Memory management is automatic, via garbage collection. Transput (I/O) is defined in the language and includes comprehensive formatting abilities. It did not gain widespread popularity, possibly due to the price/availability of compilers, or its perceived complexity. In some ways it was ahead of its time and some features have influenced subsequent languages such as C++.

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Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
Algol 68 Genie
Algol68G is a well featured Algol 68 implementation (interpreter) for Linux, BSD, and MacOS. Author: Marcel van der Veer. [Open source, GPL]
Algol 68 to C
Portable translator to allow compiling Algol 68 code, and some example Algol 68 programs in the same directory.
The Algol Bulletin
The historical IFIP WG2.1 series of Algol Bulletins. [Required ACM Web account]
A synopsis of the features of Algol 68.
Charles Lindsey's Home Page
Algol 68S compilers for Sun3, Sun Sparc, Atari ST and Acorn Archimedes.
A comparison of PASCAL and ALGOL 68
Abstract and text in TIFF form from The Computer Journal, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp. 316-323.
Computer Engineering by Gordon Bell et al.
A brief description of ALGOL 68 System implemented on Cm*.
An Experimental Testbed for Numerical Software, part 2: ALGOL 68
By M.A. Hennell, D, Hedley; The Computer Journal, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp. 53-56. Abstract and text in PDF format.
Historic Documents in Computer Science
Has scans of many Algol 68 documents including the RRE Algol 68R 'Green Book.'
A History of ALGOL 68
By C.H. Lindsey; ACM Digital Library, 1993, ISSN 0362-1340. Abstract of article from the Second ACM SIGPLAN Conference on History of Programming Languages, 1993. Full text for ACM members only.
IFIP Working Group 2.1
The WG that developed the Algol languages.
Index of /pub/dick/Algol68
Dick Grune's Algol 68 directory with test sets, transput, and a Snobol interpreter.
An Introduction To Algol 68
The second ACM SIGPLAN conference on History of programming languages.
László Csirmaz
There is an Algol 68 interpreter for DOS and Linux here.
Marc's Programming Projects
Unfinished project to write Algol 68 compiler; source code provided in CWEBx.
Practical experience with ALGOL 68-RT
Abstract and text in PDF form from The Computer Journal, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp. 114-118.
Programming denotational semantics II
using Algol 68. Abstract and text in PDF form from The Computer Journal, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. 480-486.
The Use of ALGOL 68 for Trees
By H.D. Baecker; The Computer Journal, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 25-27. Abstract and text in PDF format.
VanWijngaarden MR76.pdf
A. vanWijngaarden's MR76 paper on the orthogonal design of a language from 1965, which was the starting point of Algol 68. [PDF]
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