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6502 Web Ring
Hardware and software, programming and historical aspects of the 6502, 65C02, and derivatives. Home-built computers and operating systems for them.
8051 Macro Assembler ASEM-51
Assembler for the Intel MCS-51 family of microcontrollers. [Freeware]
8051 Visual Simulator
An integrated development environment for 8051 assembly language programs allows you to control simulated peripherals such as a scrolling signboard, a robotic mouse, and an audio peak detector.
ARM Assembler Programming
For the ARM (2 thru 7, and StrongARM) from RISC OS, one can start programming simply by using the BASIC assembler built into the computer. For C programmers, the APCS is described.
Free, powerful cross assembler for many microcontrollers and processors.
Assembly for Dummies
Articles, tutorials, books, links, other resources for those wanting to learn assembly language.
Assembly HOWTO
by Konstantin Boldyshev, Francois-Rene Rideau: insightful, general systems and usage philosophy, and tips.
Assembly Language
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
Assembly Language forum at Tek-Tips
Assembly Language technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
Bixoft: Why Assembler?
Advantages of assembly programming, prejudices against it, exposes myths.
CPU Specific Languages: Assembly Languages
Link collection on assemblers, simulators, interpreters, all with source code. []
Low-level INterfaced OverLanguage for Extremely Universal Machine-coding. Cross-platform ASM, almost 1:1 language to CPU instruction ratio, new way to address memory units (n-flat address space), easier than Assembly, still low-level interfaced, may be missing link in language types. [Open Source, WTOF PL]
LINOLEUM: Peterpaul's Place
Brief description, projects (yahtzee game, library archive), contact, downloads.
Linux Assembly
On this site you will find various resources ranging from tutorials, documentation up to actual Linux and Unix tools written in assembly language.
Machine Language For Beginners
Full text of the classic book, focused on 6502 assembly programming.
MicroAPL Porting Tools and Services
A range of products which translate assembly-language code into optimized code for other architectures. Products include Relogix, an assembler-to-C translator, and PortAsm/68K, which converts 68000 assembly language source to run on the PowerPC, Intel x86.
Softpanorama Assembler Links
Contains links and explanations.
TMS9900 Assembler Macro Library for Controller Programs
The TMS9900 and TMS9995 Assembler macros provide functions and function blocks akin to instruction list (IL) according to IEC 1131-3.
Typed Assembly Language: TAL
Extends traditional untyped assembly languages with typing annotations, memory management primitives, and sound set of typing rules. The typing rules guarantee memory safety, control flow safety, type safety of TAL programs. What do you want to type check today?

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