Euphoria is a programming language that is interpreted yet surprisingly fast, procedural, garbage collected (automatic memory management), with one public domain (open source) implementation, and designed to be simple, flexible, and easy to learn. So far, it runs only on 32-bit Intel x86 ported OSs: DOS, Windows; and Unix variants: FreeBSD, Linux.

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Official Euphoria Programming Page
Simple, flexible, surprisingly fast, interpreted, runs on 32-bit DOS, Windows; FreeBSD, Linux; introduction, news, downloads (over 900 free user-contributed programs), fansite links, mailing list. [Public Domain and commercial]
Operating system written mostly in Euphoria. Goals: simplest OS ever for normal user, power user can extend most parts, kernel and design make it immune to malicious programs, as stable as Linux, warns user before running unstable code.
euphoria @ tommy online
Euphoria libraries and programs, created by Tommy Carlier.
Euphoria Libraries and Toolkits
Py Programming Language, EE, Win32Lib, Euphoria/Java, Dos32Lib, Llama, mwLib, Underscore.
Euphoria Programming
Categorized program downloads, screenshots: utilities, graphic effects, libraries, example of how to combine EuGL and Exotica, traveling salesman problem solver.
Hello, World Program
Two examples of simple program used in programming education.
Hide In Picture
A steganography program that allows "hide" any kind of file inside standard bitmap pictures. The pictures look like normal images, so people will not suspect they contain hidden data. [Open source, GPL]
Jiri's Euphoria Page
Includes downloads in six categories including fonts, graphics, text, games and demos.
JJProg's Euphoria Programming
Many downloadable programs: compiler, Assembly Interpreter, Linux I/O and Pipe library, Win32 Browse for Folder Dialog, Zip File Reader, Standard Library patches, Euphoria to C/Java translator, Event System Library, and Gamelib.
Lord Generic Productions
Includes PacMan game for download, game programming guide and information about a programming book.
Includes games written in this language for download for Linux and Windows.
WebRing: Euphoria
Links, descriptions of related websites.
An implementation of wxWidgets for the Euphoria, providing a cross platform GUI library for Euphoria. [Open source, wxWindows Library Licence]

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