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This category holds links to FAQs, help and tutorials about various aspects of the programming language Fortran. FAQs are collections of (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions, along with their answers.

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Combining Fortran and Tcl in One Program
Article by Arjen Markus describing a small client-server system for on-line visualisation, using Fortran and Tcl.
Creating a Windows DLL with Visual Fortran
By John Nolan, also covers linking a DLL to S-Plus under Windows.
Creating FORTRAN 77 DLLs for R on a Windows PC
By Jane L. Harvill and H. Joseph Newton. [PDF]
The F language
By Jeanne Adams.
F Programming, A Tutorial Introduction
By Robert Moniot, provides a short introduction to the F programming language, which is a subset of Fortran 95. This book, organized in tutorial style, is intended for the novice programmer who wants to learn enough Fortran to do typical numerical computations. In PDF format.
Fortran Company - Fortran Tutorials
Collection of links to tutorials.
Fortran FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Fortran.
Fortran Programmers Club
Tutorials for Windows 95/98/NT applications programming, graphical interfaces, and common controls.
Managing Fortran Programs
Article by Arjen Markus about managing interactive Fortran programs via Tcl. Has Fortran 95 and Tcl code.
Migrating Fortran
Article discusses issues arising in porting Fortran programs from Unix to Windows.
A Native Fortran 77 CGI Interface
Explains how to pass input parameters and upload a file from a web browser to a Fortran 77 program on an Apache web server.
Using Fortran with R in Windows
Discusses how to write extensions for R statistical programming language using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1 and 6.6, g77, and Salford FTN95.
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