The Logo Programming Language is a dialect of Lisp dating from 1967, and designed as a tool for learning. Its features (interactivity, modularity, extensibility, flexibility of data types) are intended to support this goal, rooted in constructivist educational philosophy, and are designed to support constructive learning. Logo is usually implemented as an interpreted language, though some versions compile. The interactivity of this approach gives the user immediate feedback on individual instructions, thus aiding in the debugging and learning process. Error messages are descriptive.

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The Logo Foundation
A nonprofit educational organization devoted to informing people about Logo and supporting them in their use of Logo-based software and learning environments. A list of Logo software, links and articles.
'Ndahoo'aah: Relearning/New Learning
Annual summer program connecting design, Logo programming, math, and traditional Navajo crafts. Design samples and annual reports. Monument Valley High School.
Drawing Space-Filling Curves in Logo
Procedures for drawing Hilbert, Sierpinski, Wirth, Dragon, Knuth, and other space-filling curves. Vladimir Batagelj.
Introduction to Computer Programming
Online course materials with sequenced, detailed lessons introducing computer programming concepts through interactive Logo applets and procedures. Guy Haas, Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information Technology.
Logo (programming language) - Wikipedia
Encyclopedia article covering fundamentals of the structure and syntax of the language, history, implementations, and resources.
Logo by Papy Logo
Logo information, links, and sample projects. In French, with auto-translation options. Olivier Schmidt-Chevalier.
Logo Computer Language - Student Resources
Logo instructional material and exercises supplementing the textbook, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
Logo Programming Resources
Many projects (descriptions, downloads) and links. Gary S. Stager.
Logo Users Ring
Web Ring of Logo related sites. Joining information and list of member sites.
LogoForum Group and Mailing List
Subscription information and archives.
Historical wiki with photos, videos, and memos from the early years of Logo development. Cynthia Solomon.
LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo
Wiki version of 1985 book. Sections on wordplay, stories, games, turtle geometry, music, and programming ideas. Cynthia Solomon, Margaret Minsky and Brian Harvey.
Math Playground - Programming
Online Flash version of Logo with basic commands for turtle geometry.
Online Flash version of Logo and an extensive collection of Logo lessons and activities. NRICH, University of Cambridge, England.
Wikibooks: Logo Programming
Article with sample procedures demonstrating capabilities and structure of the Logo programming language.

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