Caml is a general-purpose programming language, designed with program safety and reliability in mind. It is very expressive, yet easy to learn and use. Caml supports functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming styles. It has many modern features from state-of-the-art computer science and fast native compilers for many operating systems. English, Français. [Open Source, INRIA]

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The Caml Language
This is the official web page of the OCaml development team. Contains the official distribution, the manual, archives of the mailing list, links to tutorials and contributed libraries (in "The Humps"), style guidelines, books about OCaml.
Full Unicode Standard 3.2 library for OCaml. English, Japanese. [Open Source, LGPL]
A Cocoa based wrapper for the OCaml toplevel environment. It was written to solve a number of the problems one usually runs into while running the toplevel under OS X's terminal.
Developing Applications with Objective Caml
By Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury, Bruno Pagano; O'Reilly, 2005. Book online. Many topics and examples covered. One drawback: based on old OCaml version. HTML, PDF.
O'Caml compiler variant, extends ML polymorphism from parametric to non-parametric (extensional). More complex parametricity gives many features impossible or very hard to achieve otherwise: overloading, e.g., type safe value marshalling, ML value printer.
The JoCaml System
Experimental OCaml extension, distributed join-calculus programming model; high-level communication and synchronizing channels, mobile agents, failure detection, garbage collected. Descriptions, documents, downloads.
OCaml Gtk+ interface.
Object-oriented interface between OCaml and Java, code generator to aid interoperability via their object models, defines an IDL and allows a safety execution by static typechecking.
Objective Label
Extension of OCaml with labeled and optional parameters, and polymorphic variants and methods.
OCaml Advocacy
Lists many advantages, some shortcomings.
OCaml for Scientists
This book teaches the fundamentals of programming using OCaml, assuming little prior knowledge of computer programming. Particular emphasis is placed upon programming paradigms rarely seen in current scientific computing, such as exceptions, polymorphism, higher-order functions, nested functions, pattern matching and modules.
VIM syntax file for OCaml.
Programming with Objective Caml
Home of GODI advanced programming environment for OCaml; news, projects with downloads, links, source tree.
Lets users build native OCaml libraries and use them from Python and conversely.
Real World OCaml
A book covering OCaml programming for beginners or to improve skill. Covers JaneStreet Core library too.
Yahoo Groups: OCaml_beginners
Email forum for mutual aid of those who know they're not OCaml gurus yet.

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