MUMPS (usually written in capitals), or M, is a procedural programming language used to build applications that usually have large and/or complex databases. Its most important and defining trait is that language and database are very tightly bound. To programmers, the database seems to be a set of persistent, sparse arrays; called globals in MUMPS. All good MUMPS versions use sophisticated techniques to manage, cache, buffer, compress, and sort persistent data. These are normally intrinsic to the implementation and transparent to programmers. Originally interpreted, now, semi-compiled, and fully compiled versions exist. Most interpreted versions have very good runtime speed. It is a very productive developer environment due to: being interpreted, the flexible globals to which the language is closely bound, consistency of syntax, and compact representation.

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4W Consulting
Consulting company specializing in providing expert Cache and MUMPS, and related technologies, application development as well as systems management services.
Forest Software
A software house specialising in M (Mumps). It was formed in 1983 and can provide systems design, programming and support of M based systems.
George James Software
Program development, consulting, training, support services; VC/m web-enabled configuration management system to manage documents and source code across many OSs, and add-in tools for Caché and related M technologies.
InterSystems M Technologies
A forum and web site for users of InterSystems tools and M in general
Java from MUMPS: framework for automated migration from MUMPS language and runtime, to Java and relational databases (RDBMS); implemented as compiler that compiles MUMPS code into Java.
Frequently Asked Questions about M/MUMPS
M Technology Association United Kingdom and Ireland (MUG-UK& I)
A non-profit educational organisation. Its aims are to further the utilisation, improvement and understanding of Cache and the M Technology language and its dissemination within the UK and Ireland.
M User Group Deutschland
The German MUG (in German, of course)
Information about MSM-WS, an M implementation for Win32
Long, growing article, with links to related topics. [Wikipedia]
The Mumps Compiler and MultiDimensional and Hierarchical Toolkit
Compiler and interpreter for Linux, Solaris, Windows. Implements much of most recent Mumps standard. [free]
Real Software Co.
Makes M21, implementation of M language/database for the 21st Century.

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