Sites related to "standard" PL/I, defined as conforming to one of the ANSI/ISO/IEC PL/I standards- full or subset G - or one of the IBM PL/I variants.

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Ask Felgall: PL/1
Reference and how-tos for PL/1. Includes statement reference, built-in function reference, example code.
PL/I Parser for standard PL/I and IBM extensions including EXEC SQL, EXEC CICS and EXEC DLI, with preprocessor. Downloadable demo and documentation.
Datatek Language Conversion Services
Provides automated programming language conversion services for PL/I, Cobol, and Fortran.
Delta Software Technology Group
ADS platform-independent application development for PL/I and COBOL.
Fujitsu PL/1 (BS2000/OSD)
Compiler and runtime system. Description, links to data sheet and release notices.
Hello, World Program
Classic test program, written in PL/1.
HWTC Automatic PL/I to COBOL Conversion
HWTC PL/I to COBOL conversion tool
IBM PL/I Family
IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS, AIX, MVS/VM, VSE, Windows.
IBM Professional Certification Program - PL/I
Information on how to obtain IBM Professional Certification as an IBM Certified Application Developer - Programming with IBM Enterprise PL/I or - Developing with IBM Enterprise PL/I. Includes Job role description, requirements, and sample test.
Index of PL/I Bulletins
1966-1969, with links to content.
Iron Spring Software
Developer of the Iron Spring PL/I compiler for OS/2 and Linux. Free download of beta version and documentation.
Kednos, Inc.
Vendor of PL/I for OpenVMS and Tru64. Download documentation and kits for the PL/I compiler for OpenVMS for both Alpha and VAX, and kits of the PL/I compiler for Tru64. No-charge hobbyist licenses available.
Program to translate PL/I structures to COBOL structures. GPL, beta version 0.0.5.
Mainframe Forum: PL/I & Assembler
Discussion forum for PL/I programmers in an IBM mainframe environment. Free registration required to post.
Multics PL/I
How Multics was built in a high-level language. Compiler construction and compiler features.
My First PL/I Program
Reminiscences about a first experience with PL/I and IBM's PL/I(F) compiler in 1967, by Jim Horning.
Compiler product for Unix and Windows, from Micro Focus (formerly Liant Software Corporation).
Pl 1
Description of PL/I by Sanjay Sinha. Presentation slides online or PDF or text file. (.pdf),
PL/I - SonarSource
PL/I plugin for SonarSource enables analysis and reporting on PL/I projects.
PL/I Cafe
IBM DeveloperWorks PL/I section. Includes links to documentation, software downloads, training, events, discussion forum and blog for users of IBM's PL/I products. Requires free DeveloperWorks ID.
PL/I Compiler from MVT
PL/I(F) Version 5.5 compiler and library, installation instructions, sample jobstream, and printout of installation verification jobstream.
PL/I for CP/M and DOS
Digital Research PL/I including including executable code, documentation, and disassembled sources.
PL/I Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Robin Vowels.
PL/I Front-End for GNU Compiler Collection (pl1gcc)
Project to create a native PL/I compiler using the GCC. Downloadable scanner and parser for pl1, and a set of test files and a very rudimentary build and test system.
The PL/I Language
Resources and links for PL/I. Compilers and tools list, bibliography.
PL/I on z/OS
Special features of PL/I in the z/OS environment - PLISAX (XML parser), PL/I preprocessors.
PL/I Preprocessor Wiki
Discussion of PL/I Preprocessor issues and comparison of preprocessor features between various compilers.
The PL/I Programming Language
PL/I language page from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. History, significant features, areas of application, and sample programs for PL/I.
PL/I Resources
Links, tutorial, function library, book and course references.
PLI tutorial in Q and A format.. PDF File (.pdf), Word Doc (.doc), text file (.txt) or read online..
Eclipse plugin editor for PL/I which provides statement level syntax error checking, and font and color support.
Power vs. Adventure - PL/I and C
Presentation comparing these programming languages, from a PL/I perspective.
Robin Vowels
Author of Introduction to PL/I, Algorithms, and Structured Programming. General information, resources and FAQ about PL/I.
Rosetta Code - PL/I
Brief description of PL/I and many other programming languages. Solutions to common programming problems in PL/I and other languages side by side for comparison.
Software Engineers Handbook: PLI
Detailed description of the syntax of PL/I including unintuitive and uncommon features of the language, with programming samples and web references.
Teaching the Fatal Disease
Richard Holt's paper "Introductory Computer Programming Using PL/I" in HTML format.
Software to generate flow charts from PL/I code.
Wikipedia: PL/I
Encyclopedia article containing a language description, history, a discussion of design and implementation issues, and the advances PL/I contributed to language design. Compares features of several current and historic PL/I compilers.
XTRAN software provides automated analysis, re-engineering, and translation programs in PL/I and other languages.
Yahoo! Groups: PL/I Developers
Discussion group for developers of PL/I compilers and related software, such as editors, IDEs, debuggers, code analyzers, etc. on any platform.
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