Prolog is a logic based artificial intelligence language. It differs from Lisp in terms of the execution control which is based on unification and first order logic.

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This constraint logic programming language over Finite Domains (clp(FD)) is based on the wamcc Prolog compiler.
Course on Prolog
A concise, example-based introduction to Prolog for people from the humanities. Uses the freely available Prolog+CG to teach programming within a course in knowledge representation using conceptual graphs.
Early History of Prolog
Draft of a paper in History of Programming Languages, edited by Thomas J. Bergin and Richard G. Gibson, ACM. Abstract and PDF.
FAQ: Prolog Implementations
Information about Prolog Implementations.
14th International Conference of Applications of Prolog. University of Tokyo, Japan, October 20 - 22, 2001.
An introduction to Prolog
A short introduction to Prolog by Michel Loiseleur and Nicolas Vigier.
JIPL: Java Interface for Prolog
Interface between Java and Prolog through JNI and reflection.
Logic Programming 3D Site
The main idea of this Site is 3D (VRML) representation of the World Wide Web. The Site describes the area of logic programming and Prolog. All the information was collected by Actor Prolog agents.
Logic Programming Associates
This software house supplies WIN-PROLOG, MacProlog32 and Prolog++.
OO Prolog
This collection of non-commercial links treats Prolog within the context of object- and component-orientation.
OOPWeb - Prolog Directory
Prolog programming tutorial and online book.
Programming in Logic Languages on the Web (PiLLoW) is a public-domain library for developing Web applications using (constraint) logic programming. It constitutes part of the Ciao Prolog development system.
Prolog :- Tutorial
From basics to advanced topics tutorial by J.R.Fisher.
Prolog for Artificial Intelligence
Open Source AI projects in Prolog.
Prolog for Beginners
A comparison of several Prolog systems from a beginners perspective
Prolog Resource Guide
The complete FAQs from news:comp.lang.prolog
Prolog small
Includes an introduction to Prolog, unification, the back-tracking search process, the source code of a Prolog interpreter, example Prolog programs, the logic of Sir Bedevere (Monty Python), and a Java applet that runs Prolog.
Prolog Wikibook
A wiki based book on Prolog.
Simply Logical
Intelligent Reasoning by Example.
Techref - Prolog
The Techref page regarding Prolog. Word Prolog meanings. Links.
Warren's Abstract Machine: A tutorial reconstruction
Online book by Hassan Ait-Kaci. The WAM is an abstract machine tailored to Prolog. It can be realised efficiently on a wide range of hardware, and serves as a target for portable Prolog compilers. [PDF]

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