Tcl stands for "tool command language" and is pronounced "tickle." It is actually two things: a language and a library. First, Tcl is a simple textual language, intended primarily for issuing commands to interactive programs such as text editors, debuggers, illustrators, and shells. It has a simple syntax and is also programmable, so Tcl users can write command procedures to provide more powerful commands than those in the built-in set. Second, Tcl is a library package that can be embedded in application programs.

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Tcl Developer Xchange
Was, firm founded by Tcl creator, and original sole author, Professor John Ousterhout. Advocacy, tutorials, documentation, links, news, software, latest releases, downloads.
ActiveState's distribution of Tcl, available for Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and Windows. Overview, features, resources and testimonials.
Avia Training and Consulting
Provides services for the Tcl programming language and extensions such as Tk and Expect.
Clif Flynt
Homepage of "Tcl/Tk For Real Programmers" author. Professional and personal information. Book overview, table of Contents, errata. Tcl/Tk related items.
dgWebHelp: Tcl/Tk
Fast access to Tcl/Tk and extensions manual pages via a nice Java applet.
Donal K. Fellows's Tcl Archive
Featuring extended Tcl fontification for Emacs, scripts and extensions, Tclets and Games.
The Entropy Liberation Front
Providing a collection of Tcl/Tk plugins and sources as well as links to other resources.
Frequently Made Mistakes in Tcl
Article on evident faults and unidiomatic usages of Tcl.
Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk
Fifteen out of 48 chapters of Brent Welch's book.
Scripting Graphical Commands with Tcl/Tk Mini-HOWTO
A quick introduction by example to creating graphical user interfaces for command line applications with Tcl and Tk.
Slennox's Eggdrop Page: Tcl Archive
Large archive of Tcl scripts for eggdrop IRC bots.
Tcl for Web Nerds
A guide programming a Web service using TCL as the CGI language.
Tcl Java Integration
About Jacl, a Java implementation of Tcl 8.x., and TclBlend, a package for Tcl 8.x to load and interact with the Java VM.
Tcl Scripts
Tclsh scripts and Eggdrop scripts.
Tcl Tutorial
This tutorial is aimed at those who have some knowledge of programming, although you don't have to be an expert. The tutorial is intended as a companion to the Tcl manual pages which provide a reference for all Tcl commands.
A Tcl(Tutorial for Cool Language) for Tcl/Tk Tutorial
A Tcl/Tk tutorial aimed at beginners.
Tcl-Wear Chronology
A history of shirts, hats, office toys and other Tcl-related paraphernalia.
Tcl/Tk advocacy
Teaches non-programming types how to create GUI applications using Tcl/Tk. Uses Windows, Cygwin, web browser or Linux as platform for learning, practicing, experimenting.
Tcl/Tk Extensions and Information Page
Extensions to make Tcl/Tk applications easy to implement. Some of these extensions are specific to NT, while others run in both, Unix and NT environments.
Tcl/Tk on Windows Frequently-Asked Questions
A frequently-asked questions, also called a FAQ, covers problems with the Tcl/Tk programming on the Windows platform.
Tcl/Tk Quick Reference
For Tcl/Tk 8.x based on the quick reference guide written for Perl by Johan Vromans. A Perl script is included in the distribution to reorganize the 52 pages in the Postscript source into booklet form.
Tcl/Tk References of Interest
Cameron Laird's collection of information about Tcl/Tk, including articles he wrote for Sunworld e.a.
Tcl/Tk Software
Autodoc, Makedist, and other Software for and using Tcl/Tk written by Andreas Kupries.
Tcl/Tk SourceForge Project
The core development home for Tcl and the Tk toolkit.
Interactive computer aided instruction package to learn Tcl. It consists of 43 lessons covering all basic Tcl commands.
Tek-Tips - Tcl/Tk
A WWW based discussion forum for Tcl/Tk programmers.
Using Tcl/Tk in Multimedia Applications
A short tutorial about how to use Tcl/Tk in Multimedia applications for X.
Wikipedia's Tcl Tutorial
A short tutorial on the Tcl language from Wikipedia.
Will's Tcl/Tk Page
Featuring the trycatch and expand packages, guides to creating object commands and to success with namespaces and packages.

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