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Robotics is a term coined by Isaac Asimov to describe the field of science involving robots and related technologies. So what is a robot? The word comes from a 1923 Czech play called R.U.R. and described autonomous, humanoid robot servants. The original Czech word was robota, which means "servitude or forced labor". According to the Syrius Cybernetics Corporation of Douglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a robot is "your plastic pal who's fun to be with". A more conventional definition is, "A mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks". There are many other definitions, some a bit too narrow and some far too broad. We try to be as inclusive as possible, accepting sites about hobby robotics, industrial robotics, even those about the radio-controlled entertainment vehicles of "Robot Wars". Enjoy our selections. And if you don't agree with some of our choices, rest easy in the knowledge that someone else out there wouldn't agree with yours.

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Android World
Lots of information on androids and specific android projects.
Australia's Telerobot on the Web
An ABB industrial robot operated via the Internet. Online since 1994 and originally controlled with a web browser applet, this was one of the first web-controlled robots. Registration is required to use the robot.
Electronics Forum
Online discussion forum for subject related to electronics including robotics, analog design, analog filters, and tubes.
How Stuff Works - The Singing Fish
Photographed autopsy of the popular singing fish novelty fad reveals its robotic-like subsystems with complete informative descriptions.
Learn about Robots
Includes commentary on robot related terminology and many applications of robotics including entertainment, military, space, industrial, and others.
Orion Robots
A weblog with tips and help on building robots, robot links and robot designs.
Plausible Futures Newsletter
News weblog on topics that include robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and sciences that could dramatically affect the future of society.
Popular Mechanics Robotics
Articles discussing the latest news on robotics technology and artificial intelligence research.
Robonyp's Website
News, links, and several tutorials, on electronics and robotics. is a unique portal that offers search results based on quality and popularity. Find free tutorials, news, discussion forums, and an directory of links to robotics websites.
Robotic Spot
Robotics portal site devoted to robotic locomotion and home automation. Based in Madrid, Spain. Site in English and Spanish.
Robotics FAQ
For the newsgroups comp.robotics.misc and comp.robotics.research.
Robotics India
Robotics community site for India. Site include discussion forums, news, and links.
Robotics Trends
News, information, opinion and analysis portal covering the personal, service, mobile and military robotics markets.
A news and discussion site for those interested in robots and robotics. Home of the Robot Competition FAQ and a variety of resource pages.
Robotics and AI news [RSS]
RobotShop: GoRobotics
An amateur robotics site, including links, books, and resources.
News and interviews, and information on research and events. Forum
Discussion forum for fans of the web site.

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