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Access Denied
Prevents unauthorized computer access for Windows 95/98/ME.
AceBITs Passwords Depot
Create and manage all of your passwords using a Microsoft Windows application.
AES Password Manager
Password vault software using 256-bit AES encryption and basic database functionality. Supports management of passwords and access rights for individuals or multiple users. Can be installed onto removable devices and integrates with Internet Explorer.
Offer password policy enforcement, automated password reset and unused account housekeeping tools. Includes downloadable evaluation versions and guides for administrators. [Windows]
Any Password
An easy-to-use freeware tool that stores all passwords, UserIDs, and related information in a tree form. Saves this information in encrypted files which can be protected by password. Supports password generation and incremental search feature.
Random password generator for Windows.
Avatier Corporation
Offers password management tools as well as other identiy management software.
Citi-Software Limited
Password vault software with file encryption and secure deletion functions.
Core Security SDI Corporation
Software for provisioning user accounts and digital certificates, administering role-based access rights and user profiles, and self-service password resets.
Cyber-Ark Software Ltd.
Secure sharing and storage solutions for sensitive data including password vaults and repositories.
Diceware Passphrase
Compile a pass phrase using six dice rolls to select from a list of nearly 8,000 short English words.
Easy Password Manager
Allows its user to securely store Internet and offline passwords in one location. Also auto-login to web accounts with a single click and auto-fill web forms.
Hitachi ID: Password Manager
P-Synch is a total password management solution that can: synchronize user passwords across all systems and platforms; enforce enterprise-wide password strength policies; allow support staff to reset passwords on every system; allow authenticated users to reset their own forgotten passwords. It is available for B2B and B2C deployments supporting large numbers of users and secure access from the Internet.
IT InterGroup A/S
FastPassCorp self-service password administration software for corporations using Active Directory.
Ked Password Manager
Ked Password Manager helps to manage large amounts of passwords and related information and simplifies tasks of searching and entering password data.
KeePass Password Safe
An open source password manager, with password generator. AES/Twofish encryption options. [Windows, Linux, MacOS, Various portable device formats]
KeyPass Password Manager
KeyPass is a unique password manager that works with any application or browser, not just Internet Explorer.
Keyring for PalmOS
Free Palm utility to store passwords and other private data safely encrypted and protected by a single master password.
MadLogic SuperSecret
SuperSecret provides secure storage for all of your logins and passwords so that you only have one password to remember from now on.
Mandylion Research Labs
Biometric and PIN activated password generators/managers. Provide users with convenience, privacy and security in management of web site, LAN/WAN, VPN and digital certificate passwords.
Mashed Life
Password manager for online accounts. Optionally uses a USB device for safekeeping and portability.
Mechanical ID
Software designed to create secure, pronounceable and random passwords of user-specified lengths. Java visual version for all operating systems.
Password Keeper for Palm OS and Windows.
My Password Manager
Developer and publisher of shareware password management software for PC-Windows
nCode Software LLC.
Offers the Safe-n-Secure Privatize product line providing password protection for files and e-mail as well as password management.
nFront Security Inc.
Password filter enforces password complexity policies across Windows domains. Optional client software gives users feedback on password quality.
Norton Identity Safe
Manager that keeps your passwords synchronized across different computers, browsers, and mobile devices.
Web-based program designed to create secure, pronounceable, and memorable passwords of user-specified lengths.
Security management suite for storing, protecting and managing passwords, allows both encrypted and un-encrypted database file formats. Skins and changeable interface layout supported.
Password Dragon
Free password manager for Windows, Linux and Mac. Can be launched from a USB drive. Uses BlowfishJ encryption.
Password Generator 2009
Program to generate passwords according to various parameters.
Password Generator for Windows
Generator for cryptographically strong passwords and passphrases with PGP-like security
Password Gorilla
Open source password vault based on Password Safe but developed for multiple platforms including Mac and UNIX, not just Windows. Uses the Twofish algorithm.
Password Management.Com
NetMagic Pro is a password reset and synchronization tool that allows both Help Desk Operators and End Users to manage passwords across multiple platforms. It accomplishes this without the deployment complexities of network-wide software agents.
Password Manager XP
Store your passwords securely with this password management tool. It incorporates access controls for users and/or groups and multiple encryption algorithms, and can be run directly from a USB thumb drive.
Password Protector
Helps you organize and safely store your passwords. This program can also generate passwords for you. Besides passwords you can store URLs, e-mail addresses and other notes with it.
Browser extension that creates a unique password for each site You need only remember a single master password. Passwords are not stored, not even encrypted, but are created when needed by hashing the master password with the site's URL.
Passwords Base
Software to remember passwords and to store them in protected storage. Has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
Convenient PocketPC-based tool for safe storage of confidential information on your PDA.
Real User
PassFaces for Windows is a standard password enhancement application that extends password technology by asking the user to perform further authentication based on picture selections.
Red Queen Software
SAFE eKey Machine Software stores passwords and other personal details in encrypted format. Product details and information on where to order.
Browser companion that memorizes new passwords and automatically fills them in when the user revisits an access-controlled site. Secures stored passwords with AES encryption.
Generate pseudo-random passwords.
Free web based service to store and manage anonymously access data for Internet services or devices. Available in a commercial Portable App version.
Muti-user desktop software for management of passwords, log-ons, credit card numbers, personal information and files.
Sticky Password
A password manager that automatically fills in login and password fields on web pages and program windows. Passwords are encrypted in storage.
Thycotic Software Ltd.
Web-based password management software for securely storing and sharing passwords and other secrets. Uses 256-bit AES and SHA512 algorithms. Provides user auditing and user permissions management.
TK8 Safe
Password manager supports login management, password generation and management, unlimited folders, and auto backups.
Windows Security Guide Password Generator
Free web utility that generates random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.
Yubico AB
Makers of the YubiKey, a one-time-pad supplied as a USB device. Generates passwords and sends them to the PC as keyboard characters.
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