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Association Rule Miner
Client-server Java based data mining software for mining association rules. Developed at University of Massachusetts.
CLUTO - Clustering Toolkit
A freely available software toolkit for clustering low- and high-dimensional data sets. It is well-suited for clustering data sets arising in many areas including information retrieval, customer purchasing transactions, science, and biology.
DeFindIt Analysis and Reporting
Open source software for extraction and reporting using a powerful template tool. Deft combines declarative concepts of SQL with all of Perl's features. Requires Linux and Perl
Discovery of Multivalued Dependencies from Relations
Includes source code, related papers and associated projects.
Written in Python, the toolbox handles caching of database queries and parallelism within a collection of independent queries. Our toolbox provides a number of routines for basic data mining tasks on top of which the user can add more functions - mainly domain and data collection dependent - for complex and time consuming data mining tasks. GNU/GPL. From the Computer Sciences Laboratory of The Australian National University
ECOBWEB - Concept Formation Program
Source code for program for creation of hierarchical classification trees. Information about implementations, documentation, and related research papers.
FOIL and C4.5
Source code for decision tree algorithms from Ross Quinlan's homepage, available free for download.
A Microsoft Access application designed to provide tools to explore your databases with graphs and queries. It is also a quick way to generate/prototype Access Graphs without running the Wizards.
Inducing Functional Dependencies from Relations
Includes source code, related research papers and associated work.
Machine Learning Library in C++
MLC++ is a standard C++ library for supervised machine learning, with back-end and front-end tools for data mining tasks like Decision Trees, and Clustering. Information on legal issues, mailing lists, history, standards, platform support, and download instructions.
MPCA Software
GPL C/C++ software for data analysis of discrete data using principal/independent component methods. Examples are DPCA, LDA, GaP (like PLSI and NMF). Targetted at text, with MPI and multithreading.
PAFI - Pattern Finding Toolkit
A freely available software toolkit for finding frequent patterns in diverse datasets. It contains highly efficient algorithms for finding patterns in transactional, sequential, and graph datasets.
Open Source creation of a data mining C++ procedure library. Initially focused on mining generalised association rules and generalised sequential patterns
Uses the Minimum Message Length (MML) principle to do mixture modeling. Mixture modeling concerns modeling a statistical distribution by a mixture of other distributions, and is also known as unsupervised concept learning in Artificial Intelligence. Links to related research papers and software.
WinMine Toolkit Home Page
By David Chickering at Microsoft Research. The WinMine Toolkit is a set of tools for Windows 2000/NT/XP that allow you to build statistical models from data. The majority of the tools are command-line executables that can be run in scripts.
XmdvTool Home Page
A public-domain software package for the interactive visual exploration of multivariate data sets. It is available on all UNIX platforms which support XR4 or higher. The current version of the software (3.1) supports scatterplots, star glyphs, parallel coordinates, and dimensional stacking.
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