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Software designed to integrate complex business systems. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software is typically used to integrate different systems or "add on" systems. EAI software is designed to simplify, aid, and support the difficult task of integrating the data and logic of already complex systems.

The systems integrated by EAI are often, but not necessarily, "enterprise" or ERP systems. EAI software works just as well with non-ERP systems. The ERP market is a target of opportunity for EAI vendors. Well known names in the EAI market include Tibco and Sun SeeBeyond.

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Providers of Enterprise Application Integration, XML and development services.
Blackhawk Systems
Paperless shop floor management solution. Integrate realtime information to ERP systems via machine interfacing, barcoding and human intervention.
Develops and markets collaborative commerce application software that automates business-to-business collaboration.
Provides solutions that enable reuse, automation and collaboration for integration.
Programming and software development focused on the enterprise market.
e Bridge Software
e-business document and transaction integrators.
E2E Technologies Ltd
Fully model-based, business-driven integration and automation of end-to-end processes.
FlowCentric Solutions
Web-based business process management and workflow solutions for ERP integration
FRENDS Technology Inc.
Offers a process-oriented integration tool for EAI and B2Bi integration.
iCore Solutions AB
iCore Process Server is a middleware product suite for e-business and Application Integration. iCore Process Server supports XML, Web Services, EDIFACT, ANSIX12, SOAP, http, SMTP, X400, OFTP, ODBC, SQL and other integration and communication formats.
IONA Technologies
Develops software for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) through Web Services, XML, WSDL, and other technologies.
Orion Open Systems
Specialist provider of enterprise-wide business software solutions focusing on Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Great Plains.
Ponton Consulting
Provider of XML/Pipe, software that enables companies to directly carry out transactions with their partners via a secure exchange of XML messages.
Legislative and regulatory automation.
Scribe Software
Provides configurable data migration and integration software solutions.
Software for automated realtime shop floor data collection, reporting and integration for manufacturers.
Sirvisetti Systems
Provider of web services development and the integration platform AppTalk, which allows users to build business process automation solutions involving workflows to connect desperate enterprise applications in real-time.
Toolbox for IT: EAI Community
EAI community providing news, forums, mail lists, and technical documents.
The Virant Group
Consultants and developers for Manufacturing Information Systems.
Vitria Technology, Inc.
eBusiness platform for automating cross-enterprise business processes including Business Process Management (BPM), Business-to-Business Communications (B2B), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Real-time Analysis (RTA).
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