Software giving users and administrators remote access to, and/or remote control of, systems through the network such as the Internet.

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Ammyy Admin
Software for remote desktop sharing and computer control. Uses AES and RSA to authenticate and encrypt sessions.
Anyplace Control Software
PC remote access system allows client-host Internet connections either directly or mediated through their servers.
Appliance allows remote access to an organization's PC, Mac and Linux systems for support.
Remote system access service based on TeamViewer
DeskRoll Remote Desktop
A browser-based remote access tool that does not require installation. It works for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Supplier of Remote Administrator software for remote access to Windows PCs via the Internet. They also supply instant messaging and remote software deployment tools.
GID Software
Supplier of Huey PC Remote Control and Remote Helpdesk software, allowing for remote use and support of users' systems via encrypted links over the Internet. Socks compliance allows it to work through firewalls.
Web-based remote-access service that lets you access and control your computer from any web browser.
Remote control software supporting Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Terminal Services thin clients, data center monitoring, video recording & remote assistance.
Laplink Everywhere
Connect to your PC through a web browser, smartphone, or Nintendo Wii. Remote desktop, Outlook access, file transfer and synchronization.
Remote control your PC or Mac from any other computer with an Internet connection. The software mediates secure connections directly between the computers.
Software and hardware for remote control of building and traffic management systems, alerting and communications.
MSP Anywhere
Cloud-based remote support, helpdesk and PC remote control software from SolarWinds N-able.
Remote PC access service that includes the facility to power-on the remote PC through the Internet.
Net Control 2
PC remote control and administration software for libraries, Internet cafes, classrooms and other public access computer networks.
NetSupport Inc.
Developers of NetSupport Manager, a PC/cross-platform remote control and remote support/desktop management package. They also offer other IT support utilities for classroom/training, desktop security, inventory, help desk and alerting.
NetSupport Manager
Multi-platform remote support software with monitoring, file transfer and inventory functions.
Provider of NTRaccess remote access software plus other programs and services for remote administration, remote support and Web conferencing.
PC Micro
COM Port redirector software allows access to shared modems over a network, PC based modem server software for modem pooling, and virtual modem software to replace modems with direct network connections.
Proxy Networks Inc
Supplier of software for remote access, remote control and remote management for Windows PCs, Macs and UNIX systems. Can use Active Directory.
Remote Deskop Manager
Tool integrates the access to, and management of, remote connections using various protocols.
Remote PC
Access your desktop PCs and servers remotely through the Internet, whether to use or to administer them. Firewall-friendly system works with proxy servers.
Remote To PC
Remote access tool providing remote computer monitoring plus desktop access for support and management through SSL tunnels.
Remote Utilities
Software for remote PC access by users and help deskers.
Remote control, remote support and videoconferencing software.
Remote access to industrial machinery for builders and system integrators. Securely links a control unit attached to machines on the factory floor network with remote clients for users and engineers.
Tactical Software, LLC
COM Port Redirector software uses Internet protocols to access shared modems or serial lines, create a modem-sharing server, and replace modem connections with network connections.
PC remote control/remote access software, free for personal use.
Techinline Ltd.
Remote PC access service that runs over SSL connections through web browsers. Used for online product support and demonstrations.
Tridia Corporation
Supplier of iTivity remote control software for technical support on UNIX, Linux and Windows systems.
Free software for remote access to Windows and Linux systems, with optional encryption of the data stream for Internet use.
PC remote control software that works with mobile phones over Bluetooth or WiFi networks.
Supplier of WallCooler VPN software for remote access to a system through the Internet using SSL connections.
Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine
Windows service application that receives Wake-On-LAN magic packets and starts up Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC, Oracle VM VirtualBox and VMware virtual machines.
Open source terminal server project providing remote access to your desktop and applications.
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