Debian and related distributions of Linux can be found here.

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Debian GNU/Linux
Official site. One of the most important distributions, uses only Free Software as defined by FSF. Descriptions (Social Contract, partners, donations), news, sources, packages, documents, support, developer corner.
Debian Reference
Manual for experienced users wishing to learn more about Debian. In HTML, plain text, PS, PDF; English, Deutsch, Español, Português, Français, Italiano; short and full length versions.
#debian FAQ Wiki
Information about this IRC channel, and common questions and answers about Debian installation and use.
Debian bug tracking system
Debian GNU/Linux's bug tracking system, which files details of bugs reported by users and developers. Each of these bugs are given a number, and are kept on file until they are marked as having been dealt with.
Debian GNU/Linux Community
A LiveJournal community for users and developers.
Debian Packages
Search for Debian official packages in any of the three branches - stable, testing and unstable - by keyword, section and other criteria.
Debian Security Information
Debian security alerts from 1997 to today, containing descriptions of the security problems, and the location of the available fixes for the user's platform.
Debian Wiki
User contributed/edited documentation.
Debian's netpbm
Gives the development details and history of this fork.
The debian-mentors FAQ
Mailing list FAQ.
Attaches categories to packages, creating a set of useful structured metadata that can be used to implement more advanced ways of presenting, searching, maintaining and navigating the Debian package archive. Project information, news, and FAQs.
Scripts to convert a non-Debian server to Debian.
Distribution news: Debian Weekly News
Debian specific news and links. Updates weekly.
Experiences with Debian
Blog about experiences with Debian.
Mailing list archives
Contains the archives of all publicly available Debian mailing lists.
Official CD Images
Walks the user through obtaining CDs, if needed, for installation.
Planet Debian
Aggregation of blogs of a number of Debian developers.
Resources for Debian GNU/Linux Installation on a Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop
A compilation of information for a Debian install from scratch. Provides a starting point for those interested in getting a working installation.
Why is package X not in testing yet?
Provides output from the package system, indicating the progress of packages into the testing distribution.
My Workstation OS: Debian
Desktop use review, focusing on the packaging system. [] (November 23, 2004)

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