Palm and Palm OS devices are the most widely used pen-based kind of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). The original series of Palm Pilots (models 1000, 5000, Personal, and Professional) were made by USRobotics, which was bought by 3Com. Since then, the unit has spun off and is now Palm Computing, Inc. Palm has about a dozen different models on the market. Palm OS, the operating system running on Palms, has been licensed by other manufacturers, and some OEMs sell branded versions of Palms. Thus, Palms are compatible with Handspring's Visor, Kyocera's pdQ cellphone, the Symbol Technologies SPT series, and TRG Products. Other licensees include Sony and Nokia. The IBM WorkPad and the ePocrates are branded Palm models.

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D&D Enterprises
Training for Palm OS users in San Diego, USA.
DateBook Repair Center
An online fee-based service to repair corrupted datebook .dat files.
Helphand's Not So Frequently Asked Questions
For the Palm Series, find solutions to those infrequent but bothersome problems that can affect Palm users.
Neal Bridges' Quartus Handheld Software
On-board Forth compilers, productivity enhancements, and other software for Palm, PalmPilot and daVinci handheld systems. Features a discussion forum and file library.
Palm Open Source
Open source software, documentation, and information for programmers of Palm OS devices.
The Palm Tree
A One-Stop location for software, news, recommendations, and many other Palm/Pilot information.
The PalmPilot Archives
Organized archive of links to PalmPilot sites and software.
Software downloads, news, accessories, and resources for Palm devices.
Palmzone Bulgaria
Software, multilanguage dictionaries, and addictive games.
News, reviews, software, forums, and other resources for users.
Peter's Pilot Pages
Contains several articles about use of rechargeable batteries and alternative power sources, such as being able to plug your PalmPilot into a wall adapter or charging it in its cradle.

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