About the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and its clones such as Timex-Sinclair 2000, Pentagon 128 and so on.

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The World of Spectrum
A huge archive of software, images and documentation for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
'K' Luny's Spectrum Site
Luny's sideways look at the ZX Spectrum and the software which was available.
Andy's Speccy Page
A personal look at the history of the Sinclair Spectrum.
ChucklePie Productions
Information about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum's architecture, the Z80, retro gaming, tools and people.
comp.sys.sinclair Sinclair ZX Spectrum FAQ
Covers information on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer and questions that appear frequently on the comp.sys.sinclair Usenet newsgroup.
eGroups : ZX_SPECTRUM128K
Message forum dedicated to the ZX Spectrum and related matters.
Hack Attack III
Large collection of multiface POKEs for the ZX Spectrum.
Nostalgia page dedicated to the Hobbit computer, a Soviet-era clone of the ZX Spectrum. Provides press articles, Hobbit fonts and links to related sites.
The Mad Cumbrian's ZX Spectrum Web Site
A nostalgic look back at the Spectrum. Also has a collection of games to download.
Rebelstar Spectrum Emulation and Remakes
Downloadable Spectrum games, emulators, ROMs and news of remakes of classic titles.
Sinclair Spectrum
Chris Wild's collection of Spectrum-related items. Highlights include a repository of information on Spectrum data formats and PC conversions of the classic Spectrum games Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge.
The Sinclair Spectrum
Home of Philip Kendall's comp.sys.sinclair FAQ, also including a collection of Spectrum ROMs and some utilities.
Sinclair Spectrums Cyber Hippies
Yahoo group for Spectrum fans, providing somewhere for users to discuss games and happy Spectrum memories.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128 Keypad
Fully documents the keypad produced by Sinclair Research for the ZX Spectrum 128 but never released in the UK. Also describes how to build a compatible keypad.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Flyer
Scanned copy of the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum brochure, circa February 1982.
Search engine for Sinclair ZX Spectrum files.
The Speccy Zone
A miscellaneous collection of information on the ZX Spectrum, including links, quizzes and downloadable files.
The Spectrum Hardware Page
Lists all known peripherals for the ZX Spectrum with details and, in many cases, pictures.
Spectrum Zone
Concentrates on Spanish games for the Spectrum with covers, screenshots, manuals, reviews and walkthroughs. In English, Spanish and Italian.
Celebrating 16k Spectrum games with a full list, and articles on the 1982-85 period.
Archive of Spectrum games, maps and music.
ZX Box
A project which aims to allow the 48K ZX Spectrum to surf the net. [English and Russian]
ZX Gate
An easy-to-build ZX 81/ZX Spectrum/Jupiter ACE/TRS80 using gate array logic.
ZX Spectrum hardware DIY
Various hardware projects such as IDE hard disk interface, UVY-RGB converter for 48K models and floppy interface.
ZX Spectrum Hardware DIY Site
Includes the ZXATASP IDE interface and other hardware projects.
ZX Zone
Concentrates on the Spectrum +3, providing details of the machine's hardware, software and ROMs.
Hardware changes and modifications.

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