Health Animal Veterinary Medicine Diagnostic Laboratories
Veterinary diagnostic labs and services.
Abbey Veterinary Services
Diagnostic veterinary laboratory specialising in histopathology and cytopathology. Also offers bacterial/fungal culture and urine calculus analysis.
Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc.
Manufacturer of animal health products and autogenous vaccines and bacterins with attached laboratory located in Fayette, Missouri. Includes product catalog, contact and company information, and laboratory information.
Antech Diagnostics
A nationwide network of integrated veterinary diagnostic laboratories dedicated to providing clients laboratory medicine.
Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd
Leading UK veterinary diagnostic referral laboratory specialising in clinical pathology, expert advise and interpretation of results. Laboratories in London, St. Helens, Dublin and Teignmouth Devon, England. Includes company information and services.
Biogal, Galed Labs
Develops, manufactures and markets veterinary diagnostic tools mainly the ImmunoComb Antibody Test Kits for companion and farm animals and laboratory rodents.
Carmichael Torrance Diagnostic Laboratory
Provides a wide range of veterinary diagnostic laboratory tests that includes haematology, biochemistry, allergy testing, cytology, endocrinology, histology, microbiology and telemedicine for small animals, exotics and equines.
Central Veterinary Research Laboratory
This facility, located in Dubai and serving the UAE, works towards the diagnosis, prevention, control and eradication of animal diseases, undertakes research, publishes scientific papers and organizes international conferences.
Companion Animal Diagnostics
Veterinary diagnostic laboratory based within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Glasgow. Provides information for animal owners and for vets and instructions for sample submissions.
Diagnostic Vet Labs
Veterinary diagnostic laboratories with an online list of tests and profiles.
DVM Labs, Inc.
Diagnostic veterinary medical laboratory in Tulsa, OK. Provides information on the facility, the team members and the services offered.
Equine Diagnostic Solutions
EDS offers testing services for equine veterinarians worldwide, specialising in diseases such as strangles, EPM, EHV, WNV, EIA, equine influenza and salmonellosis.
HealthGene Corporation
DNA-based multi-species testing for genetic and infectious diseases.
Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Full-service, AAVLD-accredited, laboratory offering a complete range of diagnostic and consultative services to the veterinary and animal health community in Kansas and the nation.
Mass Histology Service
Provides a complete diagnostic and toxicological histopathology laboratory serving both the veterinarian and research community throughout the United States.
Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health
DCPAH is a full-service veterinary diagnostic laboratory offering more than 800 tests in 11 service sections.
Microbial Research Incorporated
Specializing in GLP/GCP veterinary research, the isolation, identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of aerobic, anaerobic and microaerophilic bacteria and fungi.
National Bio Vet Laboratory
Full service laboratory in Florida dedicated to animal procedures and testing offering a full range of assays including esoteric, veterinary microbiology and veterinary pathology.
New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Provides background and general information about the lab, a list of services and fees, travel directions, and information on specimen collection, submission, and shipment.
Optigen, Inc.
Offers diagnostic lab service and information for genetic diseases in purebred dogs. Includes contact information, services offered, and shipping information.
Phoenix Central Laboratory
Veterinary reference laboratory located in Washington, USA. Includes details of the services offered, the professional staff, educational opportunities and some case studies.
ProtaTek Reference Laboratory
Provides animal health diagnostic testing for the detection of a range of viral, protozoal, rickettsial, fungal, bacterial and other animal health diseases.
QM Diagnostics
Centre for quality control and health monitoring of laboratory animals. Diagnostic laboratory for virology, bacteriology, parasitology and pathology.
Research Associates Laboratory, Inc.
Performs DNA-based testing, real time PCR, gram stains, aerobic and anaerobic cultures for veterinarians and the aviculture community.
Veterinary molecular diagnostics laboratory located in Toulouse, France. Offers real-time PCR assay development and routine analysis, infectious disease diagnostics and quality control of biological products. French and English.
Snider Veterinary Consultation Services
Timothy Snider, a board certified veterinary specialist in veterinary pathology and infectious diseases, offers diagnostic services and reports for veterinarians.
Surrey Diagnostics Limited
Microbiological screening for laboratory animals including serology, bacteriology, parasitology, pathology and molecular biology techniques. Cranleigh, Surrey, UK.
University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
The UMC VMDL provides veterinary diagnostic services. A listing of available procedures and corresponding fees is provided.
A veterinary pathology service owned and operated by Dr. John Peauroi, DVM, MPVM, dipl. ACVP, providing veterinary biopsy evaluation to veterinary hospitals and pathology evaluation for research and industrial clients.
Veterinary Diagnostics Center
Animal DNA laboratory that offers parentage, identification, disease screening, and coat color testing for the canine and equine species. Also provides avian sexing.
Veterinary Pathology Services
Dr. Sam Kennedy offers a range of diagnostic laboratory services at Orlando Regional Medical Center, Florida, USA.
Purebred animal genetic (DNA) disease testing and profiling for dogs and horses. Includes list of services and company information.
Vetpath Laboratories
Offers testing services to veterinary practitioners in the US and Canada. Based in Oklahoma.
Washington Washington State University: Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Offers diagnostic services, consultation, disease surveillance and outreach in order to safeguard animal health, the food supply and public health.
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