This category is for sites about organizations conducting research on animal diseases. Most research activities will either occur in academic departments or in research institutes and both of these are included here.
The category also includes sites about research findings related to animal diseases.

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Animal Health Research Institute
Organization in Taiwan set up to study animal infectious diseases, provide disease diagnostic services, conduct disease monitoring and surveillance schemes and implement assays of animal drugs.
Provides information on the contribution of animal research to medical science.
Center for Comparative Medicine and Translational Research
Aims to promote scientific discovery and facilitate its clinical application in order to improve the health of animals and humans. At the College of Veterinary Medicine, NC State University.
Moredun Research Institute
Center in Scotland focusing on infectious diseases of sheep and other ruminants. Includes information on the Institute, details of the research, news and job vacancies.
Murdoch University: School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences: Research
Provides information on the various research groups and centers and the research being undertaken by each.
Plum Island Animal Disease Center Research Participation Program
US organization that undertakes research on foreign animal diseases of livestock. Includes general information, details of current research, the facilities available and vacant research fellowships.
The Royal Veterinary College: Research
Aims to understand how animals function normally and the pathophysiological basis of disease. Includes information on research groups and centers and the people involved.
The University of Sydney: Faculty of Veterinary Science: Research Groups
Research focuses on the areas of production animals, immunopathology, reproduction and genetics, companion animal medicine and behaviour, wildlife conservation biology and performance research in horses.
The University of Tennessee Cloning Project
Undertaking research to understand early embryonic development, animal fertility, and the genetic links associated with animal diseases. Includes general information about cloning, the animals that have been genetically duplicated and the intended research emphases.
USDA: National Animal Disease Center
Located in Ames, Iowa, US. The main areas of research include ruminant diseases and immunology, infectious bacterial diseases, food safety and enteric pathogens, and viruses and prions.
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