Childhood cancer is rare. Childhood cancer arises from the primitive cells, thus the types of cancer found in children is significantly different than cancer in adults. And, because children are still growing they often have special physical and emotional needs. Childhood cancers tend to be more aggressive than adult cancers. Children are often treated at specialized Centers by team specialists who know the difference between childhood and adult cancers. The team specialists include pediatric oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pediatric oncology nurses and nurse practitioners. Childhood cancer typically refers to the type of cancer that affects the age groups from infancy to twenty one years old. However, it is possible for young adults to also develop a 'childhood cancer'.

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Provides information on childhood cancer for patients, their families, physicians, and health care advisors.
British Medical Journal: Second Primary Cancers after Childhood Cancer
Article discussing risk of secondary Cancer in individuals that had the disease in childhood.
Children's Cancers
Provides general information, diagnosis, causes, treatment, clinical trials, resources, and types of childhood cancer.
ClinicalTrials: Childhood Cancer
Provides search for clinical trials and research for various Childhood cancers.
Doctor David's Blog
This is a Pediatric Oncologist's weblog. Topics covered include the biology of cancer, clinical observations, and patient histories.
NCI: Childhood Cancers
Information provided about pediatric cancers, treatments, prevention, resources, clinical trials, statistics, testing, and screening.
NCI: Late Effects of Treatment for Childhood Cancer
Information about how childhood cancer survivors have an increased risk of developing a second cancer later in life.
Ped Onc Resource Center: Clinical Trials
Information about trials, the three phases, informed consent, contacts, and locations.
Pediatric Oncology Resource Center
Resources, web links, and references related for parents, friends, and families of children who have or had childhood cancer.
Teenage Cancer Trust
Mission is to raise funds, educate, and support teenagers fighting cancer. Provides information about health facts, challenges, conferences, events, news, shop, links, donations, and a forum. [UK]

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