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Gives basic information, treatment options, help for newly diagnosed patients, and ways to reduce risk.
ACS: Prostate Cancer
Information from the American Cancer Society.
Cancer Research UK: Prostate Cancer
Factsheet including symptoms and causes, tests and treatment, living with prostate cancer and current research.
eMedicine Health: Prostate Cancer
Consumer health resource center providing an overview including causes, symptoms and treatment.
HealthDiaries: Prostate Cancer
A weblog that includes experiences, news, commentary, and articles.
The Hypertext Guide to Prostate Cancer
Review of the subject by a motivated patient.
London Prostate Cancer Treatment Centre
Provides information, advice and treatment discussion from several UK oncologists.
Making The Choice
A part of the Michigan Cancer Consortium, this resource offers information and tools to aid in decision making in early-stage prostate cancer.
MedlinePlus: Prostate Cancer
U.S. National Library of Medicine source which includes links to specific related areas.
NCI: Prostate cancer
Online resource which addresses signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials and support.
NHS Choices: Prostate Cancer
Provides details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and PSA screening.
Oncolink: Prostate Cancer
Overview information covering such areas as diagnosis, staging and treatment.
Online resource on advances in using genetic testing for improved biopsy decisions in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Prostate Calculator
Online calculators predict disease outcomes.
Prostate Cancer
Addresses symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.
Prostate Cancer Centre
Gives an overview of this UK center. Also provides information on current treatment options used in the treatment of the disease.
Prostate Cancer Control Initiatives
A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention resource that includes specific information, discussion, support and links.
Prostate Cancer Research Centre
A UK charity provides patient information on treatment options for this disease. Located at the Institute of Urology at University College in London.
Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Provides articles and seminars by physicians, advocacy, resources, and patient helpline.
Prostate Mapping
A diagnostic process developed by leading urology and radiology consultants in London, UK. It involves a combination of the latest MRI imaging techniques and a template guided biopsy system to produce a very precise and accurate diagnosis. Find details, cases and contact information.
PSA Rising
Prostate cancer news, information and support for survivors and families.
Survive Prostate Cancer
Provides general information and support to those recently diagnosed by putting them in contact with survivors.
Virgil's Prostate On-line
Resources, support and information about treatment options for this cancer as presented by a survivor.
WebMD Health: Prostate Cancer
A consumer health site for the disease.
Advocates for research funding and treatment access, and provides free screenings. Provides news, information and web-based services.

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