Sites created by patients, their families, friends, caregivers, or interested others, offering a personal perspective on dealing with multiple myeloma.

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The Adventures of Cancer Girl
Karen is a stay-at-home mom and a myeloma survivor. Blog about her day-to-day life.
The Borrowed Time Zone
Mark Shaffer, a software developer, started this blog to keep friends updated and to contain his "blather." Myeloma damaged his spine and, for a while, took away his ability to walk.
The Cancer Diaries
The musings of an ordinary guy in Canada whose mom has myeloma.
Carolyn Whitehurst Wyman
Diagnosed with stage IIIB multiple myeloma at age 42, this Michigan woman has far outlived the doctors' original prognosis, and hopes that her story of healing will be an encouragement to others.
Compelled CLarity
Carole Leigh, a retired schoolteacher from Washington State, muses on her new perspective on life as she hopes for remission from myeloma.
Deb's Journey with Myeloma
Deb, in England, was diagnosed with smouldering myeloma in 2009, and writes these notes mostly for herself.
Good Blood, Bad Blood
John Smith, an Oregon husband and father, was diagnosed with myeloma in 2007. Since then he has written about his treatment, including autologous stem cell transplant, and life in general.
Happenings with Dom and Nan
Dom, a Vietnam vet, has multiple myeloma. His wife Nanette posts about his treatment and recovery, as well as topics that are more fun, like their travels together.
Healing Cancer Naturally
Former oncology nurse, in Idaho, has myeloma and is convinced the best way to health is through natural means.
How to Move a Mountain
Kris, a wife and mother from Utah, thinks she knows how. Chronicle of her experience dealing with the challenges of myeloma.
Jerry: Myeloma Caregiver
Jerry Weber's wife Rebecca was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009. About a year later, he started jotting these notes on her treatment.
Julie's Myeloma Moments
In December 2009, Julie was shocked to be sent to the oncology department; the following June she started posting about her stem cell transplant and other adventures.
Laughing Plasma Cells
Some of Scott's plasma cells are a little too frisky. An online diary of sorts, about his medical adventures after being diagnosed with stage one myeloma.
Let the Healing Begin
Evelyn Vowles was diagnosed with myeloma in 2005, and started a blog in May 2006 as a way to keep family and friends informed on her preparations for autologous stem cell transplant.
Lorna and Micky Our-loma
Mike has myeloma, and Lorna has to put up with his dreadful jokes. Updates on how they're getting along.
Matt vs Myeloma
Matt Goldman found out in 2011 that he had myeloma, and started chemo the next day. Blogger reports on how he's doing, and comments on the bigger picture of how people are affected by cancer.
Multiple Myeloma for Dummies
Mysterious recurring blood clots led to a diagnosis of myeloma for Michigander Phil as a young man. Updates on his fight against cancer, and profiles of others also battling MM.
Myeloma Hope
"Minnesota Don" has another blog about running, but somehow marathons work their way into this blog about treatment for myeloma too.
Myeloma Journey
The story of Doug Scott's treatment for cancer, told from the perspective of his wife Pat.
Myeloma Youreloma
Missouri husband and father Sean Murray's blog about living with myeloma.
A patient's chronicle of her experience with multiple myeloma.
Nick's Myeloma Blog
Nick has already been through chemo and two transplants, and posts updates on his choice of aggressive treatment to fight cancer.
Our Journey with Multiple Myeloma
Sarah writes about her "honey" Bob, and how his diagnosis of cancer has changed their lives.
Steven's Walk
Steven L. Ritter, in California, records his thoughts on living with myeloma.
Tanner's Journey
Tanner found out when he was 17 that he had myeloma, after his leg broke on an ordinary walk to a friend's house. His mother chronicles his treatment.
Tim's Wife's Blog
Blogging is a stress reliever for this stay-at-home mom, whose husband has myeloma.
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