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Braille Authority of North America
Facilitate the uses, teaching and production of braille. It publishes rules, interprets and renders opinions pertaining to braille in all existing and future codes.
Braille Book Review
A publication describing recently produced books in braille from the United States' National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
Braille Bug
Designed for children in grades two through six. It features an assortment of games and activities that are both fun and educational.
Braille Institute of America
Offering services that include free programs and classes to blind and visually impaired and their families at centers and Community Outreach locations throughout Southern California.
Braille through Remote Learning
An online instructional program that provides courses in reading and transcribing.
Braille Works
Provides Braille, large print and audio cassette reading materials. Includes the services available.
Dotless Braille
Introduction for sighted persons, new ideas for learning, FAQs and general information.
Free Braille Font
Provides the 6-dot and 8-dot braille font. New 8 dot unified braille code allows all Latin based alphabets and computer data to be displayed using one 8 dot Braille cell.
JBI International: Hebrew Braille
Designed to help blind individuals gain access to digital texts in Hebrew Braille.
A computer shared library which makes it possible to easily access Braille displays and terminals.
M2B - MathML to Braille Translator
M2B is open-source application which translates XML documents including MathML into Braille. Second application - SSGraph - is graph calculator with audio support.
National Braille Association
Provide continuing education to those who prepare braille, and to provide materials to persons who are visually impaired.
National Braille Press
Publisher, self-help and computer access books and children's books. Provider of transcription and pressing services.
Volunteer Braille Services of Minnesota
Trains and supports volunteer braille transcribers and provides transcribed materials for braille readers.

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