A disease caused by any of a number of species of protozoa in the genus Leishmania. There are four major clinical types of this infection: cutaneous, diffuse cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and visceral.

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CDC DPDx - Leishmaniasis
Includes causal agent, life cycle, geographic distribution, clinical features, laboratory diagnosis and features. From the US Government Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Parasitic Diseases.
CDC Travelers' Health: Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Advice for travelers on this skin infection including mode of transmission, occurrence, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and the preventative measures that can be taken.
CDC Travelers' Health: Visceral Leishmaniasis
Advice for travelers on this infection including mode of transmission, occurrence, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and the preventative measures that can be taken.
CDC: Leishmania Infection (Leishmaniasis)
Fact sheet, advice for professionals and travelers, and weekly incidence reports. From the US Government Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Doctors Without Borders: Kala Azar
Basic information about the disease and the group's treatment programs in East African countries including Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda.
eMedicine - Leishmaniasis
Includes an introduction to the disease plus sections on clinical, differentials, workup, treatment, medication, follow-up, miscellaneous, pictures, test questions and bibliography.
eMedicine: Leishmaniasis
Provides an overview of this zoonotic infection caused by protozoa that belong to the genus Leishmania, its epidemiology, pathophysiology, frequency and clinical details.
ICT-TROP - Parasitology BIOL 2272: The Leishmaniases
Summary information plus clickable slides, references and world maps. From Christian de Duve Institute of Cellular Pathology, Research Unit for Tropical Diseases.
Leishmania Surveillance in the Neapolitan
Information on a study of this disease in dogs in the United States, with instructions to dog owners on sending samples. [PDF]
Leishmaniasis Research Society (India)
Organization dedicated to research on this disease, the unravelling of its genome, the development of new treatments, the spread of information and the distribution of drugs.
MedlinePlus - Leishmaniasis
Directory of news, articles and factsheets.
MicrobeWiki: Leishmania
Description and significance, genome structure, cell structure, metabolism and ecology.
Oklahoma State University: Leishmaniasis
Basic information about leishmaniasis in canines and humans from the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.
Third Cost B9 Congress
Seminars on trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis held in Bruges, Belgium on 29-31 May 2000. Sponsored by European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST).
Visceral Leishmaniasis: Cytological Alterations that Occur in the Bone Marrow Parenchima
Paper by Nivaldo Madeiros who studied 100 patients with visceral leishmaniasis whose bone marrow aspirate analysis disclosed the protozoan, Leishmania donovani.
WHO - Leishmaniasis
Provides information on the disease and its impact, surveillance and control, epidemic response, research, fact sheets, information resources and publications. From the World Health Organization.
WHO/TDR - Leishmaniasis
Provides news, project reports, highlights, progress, publications, workplans, research grants and resources. From the World Health Organization, Tropical Disease Research and Training.
Wikipedia - Leishmaniasis
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the parasitic disease and its treatment.
The Lancet: Advances in Leishmaniasis
Article by Dr Henry W Murray MD, Jonathan D Berman MD, Clive R Davies PhD and Nancy G Saravia PhD. (October 29, 2005)
Journal of Immunology - Immunization Against Visceral Leishmaniasis
Simona Stäger, Deborah F. Smith and Paul M. Kaye. Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK. (December 15, 2000)

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