Madelung's Disease (also called Multiple Symmetrical Lipomatosis [MSL], Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis or Lanois-Bensaude Syndrome) is a metabolic condition characterized by the growth of fatty masses around the face, back of the head, neck, upper arms, abdomen, back and upper leg in a very specific pattern or distribution. Unlike the usual lipoma, these benign, fatty masses are not enclosed within a membranous capsule with very distinct boundaries. It is because of this characteristic, as well as the absolute symmetry in their occurrence, that the condition is often dismissed as simple obesity.

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Dermatology Online Journal: Familial Multiple Lipomatosis
Article by Brian R Toy, MD on this rare hereditary syndrome with the case history of an 89 year old man.
Lipomatosi di Launois-Bensaude (MSL)
A site, in both Italian and English, providing a historical perspective of Madelung's Disease.
Madelung's Disease
Describes the symptoms and diagnostic techniques for Madelung's disease, emphasizing the peculiarities of the disease compared to normal fatty deposits.
NORD: Madelung's Disease
The National Organization for Rare Disorders briefly describes this rare disorder (also known as Multiple Symmetrical Lipomatosis, Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis or Lanois-Bensaude Syndrome) and lists further reference information.
OMIM Entry 151800
Describes the form of Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (MSL) characterized by a collar of fat around the neck. The article suggests the cause to be a mitochondrial abnormality.
Soft Tissue Pathology
Features images of the disease, taken with various scanning techniques.
Osteonecrosis in multiple symmetrical lipomatosis
The European Association of Radiology presents an illustrated case history from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. (March 01, 2002)
Madelung's Disease: Inherited from an Ancient Mediterranean Population?
Abstract of a case study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Full text available for purchase. (May 13, 1999)
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