Evidence-based medicine as applied to laboratory medicine for laboratorians, clinicians, and other related health professionals working in the laboratory sciences.
Challenges for Evidence-based Laboratory Medicine
Discussion of evidence-based medicine as it applies particularly to laboratory medicine.
Evidence in Action: Applying Evidence-Based Methods to Laboratory Medicine Decision-Making
Downloadable presentation (PDF) on how to use evidence-based methodology to improve decision making in laboratory medicine. Developed through the CDC's Laboratory Medicine Best Practices (LMBP) Initiative. 2010.
Evidence-Based Guidelines in Laboratory Medicine: Principles and Methods
Presents a ten-step process, and a set of criteria, for the development of evidence-based laboratory guidelines.
Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine
A special edition of the Clinical Biochemist Reviews providing an overview of the potentials and limitations of evidence-based practice in laboratory medicine. [2013]
Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine in Oncology Drug Development: From Biomarkers to Diagnostics
A review of the techniques of systematic biomarker assessments for anticancer drugs and their development, including pharmacodynamic, response, predictive and safety markers. [2013]
Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine: Is It Working in Practice?
Critical review of techniques and challenges of applying evidence-based methodology to laboratory medicine. From The Clinical Biochemist Reviews, 2012.
Guidelines for guideline developers: a systematic review of grading systems for medical tests
Compares and evaluates five distinct grading systems (EGAPP, USPSTF, NICE, GRADE, and NHMRC) for medical tests on how they use evidence in guideline development. [2013]
Laboratory Evidence Based Medicine
Categorized evidence-based resource collection, with several specific to laboratory science, from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC).
Laboratory Medicine Best Practices
Comprehensive side presentation on developing and applying systematic evidence review and evaluation methods for quality improvement in laboratory medicine. From the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), 2011. [PDF]
“Appropriate” diagnostic testing: supporting diagnostics with evidence-based medicine and shared decision making
Argues that the paradigm of evidence-based medicine should be complemented by the paradigm of shared decision making to decide the advantages and risks of a diagnostic test. [2014]
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