Sites listed here relate to structure, concepts and methodologies. "An Electronic Health Record Architectures (EHRA) is an information model or framework for the construction of electronic health records. It has been defined by the European Standards Committee (CEN). An EHR Architecture is a model of the generic features necessary in any electronic healthcare record in order that the record may be communicable, complete, a useful and effective ethico-legal record of care, and may retain integrity across systems, countries, and time. The Architecture does not prescribe or dictate what anyone stores in their healthcare records. Nor does it prescribe or dictate how any electronic healthcare record system is implemented. It places no restrictions on the types of data which can appear in the record, including those which have no counterpart in paper records." From Viewed 22/12/2003

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Alberta Netcare
Electronic health record project developing an integrated system-wide health record.
American Medical Solutions
Develops and supports EHR and practice management solutions software, and physician services for healthcare professionals.
Bluespier International
Develops and supports clinical information systems, EHR and practice management software. Site offers client login, knowledge base, software support services.
Cerner Corporation
Electronic health record system for hospitals, health care providers, clinics.
ChangeMed Consulting
A medical billing and healthcare IT services and support company.
ChartNet Technologies, Inc.
Develops, supports, provides complete medical transcription solutions for healthcare dictation and transcription technology needs.
CliniComp, Intl.
Develops and supports Essentris EHR electronic health records, provides information on products and support, and contact information.
Comtron Inc.
Develops and supports Medgen free Electronic Health Record System. Site offers demo, client login, support, faq, and certification information.
Develops and maintains electronic health record (EHR) systems for rural, community and critical access hospitals. Contains system information, client login, and system support.
Provides a web-based EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software system, medical billing services, and patient portals for healthcare facilities and practices.
Easy PC Solutions, LLC
Technical support and software consulting for electronic charting, billing software, electronic processing, and billing management.
EHR Software Consultants
Offers Electronic Health Record software consulting solutions to medical practices nationwide.
EHRscope, LLC
Maintains a searchable database of EHR companies and products. Provides free access to database, consultation services and self-service educational materials.
Epic Corporation
Electronic Health Record software for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations.
FatPipe Telemedicine
Provides networking of various delivery nodes and digitization of patients' Medical Records
Foothold Technology
Certified Electronic Health Records and behavioral health software developed from the human services sector.
Free EMR
Provides healthcare management consulting services, practice management services.
Healthcare Technology Systems
Develops and provides clinical interactive voice response systems (IVRS) to collect data directly from patients for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, and researchers. Includes information, educational materials, and client login.
HealthFusion, Inc.
Develops, supports MediTouch EHR and billing software for healthcare practices, facilities. Offers information, support, customer account access, company blog and contact information.
Hello Health
NY based software developer and vendor of free EHR for the practice, a personal health portal for patients, and a suite of online communication tools.
HemiData, Inc.
A web based electronic medical record system that allows clinical professionals secure access to their patient records.
HIMSS EHR Association
A trade association of Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies, addressing national efforts to create interoperable EHRs in hospital and ambulatory care settings. Site offers information on membership, guidelines, code of conduct, and additional information.
HL7 Electronic Health Record Functional Model and Standard
Details detail and membership information for this EHR model development. Includes details of balloting document, signup and log-in processes. Includes a document center, minutes area, presentations, press releases, FAQs, glossary, events calendar and related links.
Site provides online healthcare IT records and sales for medical software. Offers services to maintain electronic medical records for facilities and individuals. Based in Abu Dhabi, site contains service description, product information, and company information.
Integra IT Solutions
Las Vegas based provider of medical software, medical billing and local healthcare IT support.
Intelligent ID
Site offers endpoint monitoring and protection software solutions for healthcare facilities. Site includes production information, descriptions of services, client area, and contact information and form.
Jamaica MD
Develops and provides packages solutions and products for healthcare providers and physicians in Jamaica.
Mana Health, Inc
Offers a patient portal and data platform that are MU2 ONC certified for 2014. Site offers description of software, client signup and services, company information and contact form.
McKesson Corporation
A pharmaceutical distributor and health care information technology company. Provides electronic health records systems for medical supply management, clinical workflow, practice management, pharmacy automation and care management.
MeadWestvaco Corp.
Offers software solutions to improve accuracy of clinical trials, medication adherence. Site offers product and company information, contact form, and company news updates.
Med e-Care
Canadian software corporation provides a full platform with an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, in French and English. Long-term care record system for physicians and health care organizations.
Meditech Corporation
Developer and vendor of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for healthcare facilities and medical practices. Includes industry information, event listings, and career opportunities.
Midwife Practice
EMR and EHR software for midwives and birth centers. Includes information on services and pricing.
Mosaica Partners
A consulting firm that specializes in advising and working with states, regions, and communities in the planning, development and management of health information exchanges.
A web based electronic health record software for medical practices.
Site offers medical record cloud storage solutions from India. Contains information on products, company, contact, and customer login area.
Nortec Sofwtare Inc.
Develops and supports software for practice management system, electronic medical record, e-prescription, patient portal and electronic billing.
ODOS Industries, Inc.
Develops and supports electronic medical records system for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Contains product information, features, blog, customer testimonials.
Offers open code resources for EHR development to programmers and interface developers. Includes profiles of the foundation and board members, membership details, links to additional information, and source code downloads.
Physician Revenue Services
Offers semi-free EHR system, practice management and medical billing, coding services.
Practice Champions
Provides electronic health records software as a Greenway Healthcare reseller with IT services. Also provides local training, implementation and support services.
Practice Suite
Provides on-demand or cloud computing Electronic Medical Records, scheduling, and billing software for medical clinics and private practices.
Practice Velocity
Urgent care and billing electronic health record software. Web-based electronic health record is designed for use in urgent care centers and occupational health clinics.
Site offers electronic medical record software solutions for healthcare facilities and providers. Site includes product information, pricing, client area, and company contact information.
PsyTech Solutions
Develops and provides behavioral health electronic medical record (EMR) systems and healthcare management software.
Razor Insights
Develops and supports EHR solutions for hospitals. Site offers information, solutions, blog, and resources.
Records For Living, Inc.
Develops and provides a personal health record management system for individuals and health care providers.
Develops, provides and supports biotechnology and medical informatics services and solutions, electronic health record systems.
Sláinte Healthcare
Site offers software solutions and services for healthcare facilities. Based in Australia, site contains service, software descriptions, company information, and contact information.
Sophrona Solutions, Inc.
Ophthalmology and eye care specific provider of patient portal software. Provides software development and support, patient portal, client login and testimonials.
Spectrum Software Solutions Inc.
Provides a web-based Electonic Health Record system. Includes support, system information, career positions open and contact information.
Creates and maintains productivity-enhancing EHR and EHR-related solutions for specialists and physicians. Offers practice management, PACS, patient portal, and transcription solutions that are integrated with its government-certified EHR via the Unified Desktop.
Streamline MD
Develops and supports a subscription-basis EHR, Practice Management and Billing Services.
Web-based physician and hospital tool for managing patient medical records, scheduling appointments, and conducting office visits. Artificial intelligence engine provides potential diagnosis and medication. HIPAA compliant next-generation EMR.
Specializes in providing standards based solutions using emerging technologies, focusing on healthcare informatics and mobile technologies.
Offers consulting and development of Electronic Health Records (EHR), with a focus in NextGen template design and development.

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