World wide web sites concerned with anesthesiology, the practice of this medical specialty and related areas.

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Anaesthesia Education Website
A large interactive resource of tutorials, forum, exam questions and links for anesthesia trainees.
Medical news and information in anesthesiology from medical journals, for physicians. Updated daily and available on the web or by email newsletter.
Anesthesiology on
Providing current and educational information for patients, practitioners.
ASA Refresher Courses in Anesthesiology
Intended to provide current information concerning refresher courses in anesthesiology to readers of the journal.
The Ether Way
Features a blob by anesthesiologists containing articles about anesthesia.
Contains summary pages that will help with revision for the primary FRCA examination in anaesthesia. Includes multiple choices as well as summaries.
Features a multimedia textbook, a video library, an online journal and discussion groups.
History of Anaesthesia Miscellany
Contains news and reports of meetings, new books, book reviews, articles on the history of anesthesiology and historic apparatus. Includes links to other sites concerned with the history and its museums and societies.
How Stuff Works: Anesthesia
Basic information about anesthesia, anesthetics, anesthesiologists and sedation.
Lower Alabama Continuing Education Seminars sponsors two anesthesia seminars a year in Gulf Shores, AL. Program information can be found here.
New York School of Regional Anesthesia
Featuring an overview of techniques and principles of regional anesthesia as taught and practiced at the Department of Anesthesiology at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY.
The North Thames Anaesthetic Meeting
An annual update meeting for consultants and trainees alike. Held in Europe's top Winter Resorts, it covers a wide range of topics and includes reviews as well as original work.
Resuscitation Council UK
Source of the UK resuscitation guidelines. Facilitates education of both lay and healthcare professional members of the population in the most effective methods of resuscitation.
Sheffield Museum of Anaesthesia
Gallery of anaesthesia equipment from the previous century, with explanatory notes and diagrams.
Virtual Anesthesia Machine Simulation - VAM
Simulation of anesthesia machines, medical processes and equipment on the web
Yahoo Group: Anesthideas
A group for all interested in literature-based anesthesia, resuscitation, emergency and critical care at the highest level leading to formulation of recommendations to providers all over the world.

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