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Dr. Bryan Vartabedian writes about the intersection of medicine, health, and social media.
All Scrubbed Up
Comments on the medical scene in South Africa, with stories about doctors, surgeons, and hospitals. Archived.
The Angry Medic
A doctor presents illustrated and irreverent opinions about medicine and social issues.
Digest of trends in medicine, technology, and society.
Brian Marriott MD's Guide
A free guide to medical information available on the Internet.
A specialist in nephrology and kidney transplantation provides a brief biography and bibliography.
Doc´s Opinion
Articles addressing topics centered around heart health, diet and exercise. Written by an Icelandic physician and cardiologist.
The Examining Room of Dr. Charles
Medical commentary, curious health knowledge, and creative reflections on life in medicine written by a family physician.
A Fortunate Man
Observations from a middle-aged general practitioner working for the UK public health system in an urban environment.
The Girl with the Blue Stethoscope
A junior doctor writes about her life. Archived.
Blog by emergency physician in Texas who also served the US Marine Corps.
Health Train Express
The weblog of a retired Californian ophthalmologist and consultant, musing about the state of the health-care system in the USA.
Kevin Carroll
Facebook profile for a prosthetist. Follows his life and work, particularly in paediatrics.
Kevin MD Medical Weblog
The latest medical news with incisive healthcare commentary, written by primary care physician Dr. Kevin Pho.
Life in the Fast Lane
Weblog written by Australian and New Zealand emergency physicians and intensivists who believe in Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM). Provides searchable resources about critical care, toxicology, ECG and ultrasound. Also supplies podcasts and fun quizzes.
Michael L. Aaronson MD
A doctor writes about his life and travels. Includes a micro-blog with pictures and Morrissey quotes.
Morphologic Similarities
A doctor's observations of patterns under his microscope. With photographs of cells resembling every day objects such as pizza cutters or soccer players.
Musings of a Dinosaur
A family physician and author who writes about the increasingly rare solo practice of medicine.
Musings of a Distractible Mind
Blog of Dr. Rob, a primary care physician in the Southeast US.
An Indian born man shares his academic notes, audio and video files, and his thoughts.
Science-Based Medicine
A group of physician-editors sort through evidence-based medical practice and knowledge, while debunking pseudoscientific claims.
Shrink Rap
Three psychiatrists discuss clinical and professional issues, therapies, and ethics.
The Skeptical OB
Ob/Gyn Dr Amy Tuteur writes about medicine and healthcare, with a particular focus on women's health, pregnancy and childbirth.
Dr. Gary Seto chronicles his journey practicing medicine as a solo doctor, and his efforts to improve, restore, and inspire the doctor-patient relationship. Archived.

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