Sites that offer alternative types of therapy, e.g., spiritual counseling (non-Christian), intuitive counseling, holistic oriented therapy, self empowerment services.

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Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy
Includes details on how to get treatment, where to be trained, and collection of self-help articles.
Center for Highly Sensitive People
Information and resources for those who are highly sensitive, intuitive, shy, introverted, or spiritual.
The Clear Mind
Assists people on their journey to find their path through life counseling, soul recognition, dream analysis, and other forms of alternative psychotherapy and the shamanic arts.
Core Belief Engineering
An alternative form of psychotherapy that helps clients identify and re-engineer limiting core beliefs held at the subconscious level. Lisa Sidorowicz.
Core Belief Engineering
Answers questions such as what it is, what creates conflict, how it can help and how it is different. A look at the healing process and how it works. Renee Brown.
Dale Evans - Intuitive Facilitator
A communicator offering individualized and unique consulting and coaching (both online and in person) based on the premise that no one needs fixing.
Destiny Retreats
Attend a retreat in Sedona, Arizona featuring meditation, cellular theta breathing, silence and nature. The goal of destiny is to teach peace through love and compassion.
Dr. Jeanette's Center for the New Psychology
Free information about human fulfillment, love, relationships, sex, body and soul care. Achieve healthy emotional and physical energy flow without drugs.
Dr. Victoria Gardner Placker
Offers list of services which includes Psychospiritual therapy, wholistic healing and crisis counseling. Contact by phone or email.
For the Little Ones Inside: Robyn Posin, Ph.D.
Support, affirmation and inspiration for deep healing. Reclaiming rest as a sacred act, listening to body-knowing and celebrating the Sacred Feminine. Consultations by phone or at office in California.
Good Sam I Am (Good Samaritans International)
An organization dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier, longer. Founded by K. C. Blair.
Hakomi Institute
Organization teaching Hakomi worldwide, and was founded by Ron Kurtz in 1980. Directory of certified Hakomi therapists. Hakomi is the integrated use of mindfulness, the body, and non-violence in psychotherapy.
A combination of leading edge science, practical information, and easy to use techniques and skills for achieving health, high performance, and personal effectiveness.
Holistic Psychic
Offer many holistic therapies and educational programs including spiritual counseling, holistic movement/dance therapy, reiki, and hypnotherapy.
Provides mental health awareness, enhancement and enlightenment to individuals, couples, families and communities within a holistic perspective focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.
A resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing. This can be an additional help with any counseling or psychotherapy in which you may be involved.  Includes information about holistically oriented somatic therapy.
Joy 2 B You Productions
Monthly poems are posted and a range of self empowerment classes, with contact information, are detailed.
Kendra Hurd, MA
36 self care tools for spiritual and emotional healing. Love yourself like God loves you. Treat yourself like your own best friend. Nurture the garden within - draw more positive energy into your life.
Self empowerment services.
Ottawa Counselling and Mediation Services
Ottawa and world-wide counselling, mediation, and hypnotherapy services. In person, by phone, or by e-mail. Eclectic and humanistic approach that combines empowerment, enthusiasm and humour.
Sam Turton's Primalworks
Information on personal growth and healing, healthy living, emotional release, Sam Turton's Primal Integration practice, Zen meditation, and Feeling Path workshops.
Sirius Consulting
Developed the Inner Family Archetype model to help people work with the four primary aspects of self at the root of all inner child work.
Sound Balance
Provides services including transpersonal counseling, past life regression therapy, hypnotherapy and energy balancing for both people and animals.
The South African Primal Support Page
A world-wide resource for those interested in Primal Therapy or any or the other deep feeling regressive therapies.
Thrival Systems(R)
Thrival: "an inner joy that defies circumstances," a state of bliss and the highest sustainable lifestyle, an exceptional state of well-being and effectiveness. Trademarked site provides the skills, tips, and techniques in form of speeches, seminars, coaching basics. Dr. Paul Radde, Ph.D.
Transpersonal Counseling and Psychotherapy
Licensed therapists specialized in psychosynthesis, creativity, spiritual emergence, and relationships. They serve individuals in transition, or crisis, and the people who love them.
Sunny Massad, Ph.D., motivational psychologist at The Hawaii Wellness Institute, specializes in untherapy, hypnosis, and humanistic psychology.
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