All expressive therapies are designed with one goal in mind: to assist those with mental illness better express themselves on the path towards their healing. A variety of methods exist simply because clients may respond well only to one or a few types of expressive therapies. Expressive therapies are usually used within a counseling program for a client.

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Creating Changes Counseling
Louisville, Kentucky. Counseling provided that includes the use of expressive therapies (art and play). Information about the Center, key staff members, FAQs, a questionnaire, articles, tips, and resources.
Creative Arts Therapies
A webring for a broad range of expressive therapies.
Expressive Therapies Concepts
A non-profit organization dedicated to education, service, and research in expressive therapies and related disciplines. Informative across many methods of expressive therapies, articles, and research efforts.
The Inward Eye
Center for learning in art therapy and imagery. Interactive guided imagery, personal totem pole process, and the inward eye process. Workshops and therapy offered in Philadelphia or will travel to offer workshops to groups.
NCATA- National Coalition of Arts Therapies Associations
Information on music therapy, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, psychodrama, and poetry therapy.
Voice Movement Therapy in the UK
A description of the work, links to similar sites, and schedule of VMT sessions with Christine Isherwood, VMTR, in London, England.
Voice Movement Therapy USA
Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) is an expressive arts therapy, the main province of which is not the spoken word, its cognitive content or articulation, but the affective aspects of vocal sound. Information and workshop schedule.

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