Anorexia, medically termed as Anorexia Nervosa, is an eating disorder in which the sufferer has an irrational fear of fat that causes them to restrict or cease eating.

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Already Perfect: Recovery For Anorexia
Includes information about family issues, eating right, positive body image, self esteem, and recovery links.
Anorexia in Males
Information from an eating disorders specialist about anorexia in males. Article discusses female to male comparisons of characteristics, socioeconomic and environmental factors and age of onset.
Anorexia Nervosa describes what anorexia is, some of the key characteristics and how it differs from bulimia. Includes warning signs, treatment, and how to help. Sponsored by AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians).
Anorexia Nervosa from Emergency Medicine / Psychosocial
Scholarly article regarding mortality rates, pathophysiology, frequency, clinical aspects, different diagnoses to consider, lab and imaging studies, treatment within a general hospital emergency room, follow-up, and a bibliography with links.
Anorexia: Warning to Parents
Personal site by a parent whose pre-adolescent daughter developed anorexia after learning about it on a television program. Includes personal reflections, a bibliography of research articles, and links to other resources.
Anorexic Body: A Qualitative Study
Study attempting to explore the anorexia nervosa patient's subjective experience in family therapy by employing a qualitative inquiry. - Anorexia
Provides definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, prognosis, and prevention.
Eating Disorders Specialist
Anorexia nervosa in association with medical disorders.
eMedicine Health: Anorexia Nervosa
Provides an overview of anorexia nervosa and its causes, symptoms, medical assessment, and treatment.
Free Anorexia Information
Links to organizations, treatment centers, message boards, newsgroups, personal stories, general information, and articles about anorexia.
Mental Health Net: Anorexia Nervosa
General information about some of the causes, symptoms, and treatments of anorexia nervosa.
WebMD - Anorexia Nervosa
In-depth information on the risks, warning signs, prevention and treatment of anorexia.

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