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About Goal Setting
Goal setting explained through 8 concise articles with reviews of software and products.
Apple Seeds
Provides quotations and short stories from eclectic sources that promote positive attitudes and development of holistic human dignity.
A non-profit organization that creates peace and harmony by enlightening and empowering people to achieve their goals. Acceptance, Respect, Affection and Support.
Cartoon Motivators
Motivational and inspirational cartoon images and positive affirmations to help promote a call to action.
Daily Motivator
Brief daily e-mail messages of motivation and personal development, as well as an online motivational library and images.
Goal Setting College
Blogger writes about tips for setting goals and inspirational stories.
Goal Setting Community
Make your goals public and track it online. Interact, support and get support from other goal setters, friends or family members.
Goal Setting Guide
Information about goal setting and motivation. Includes articles, free online tutorial, and motivational quotes of the day.
Gurustu's Words of Wisdom
Takes a light-hearted approach to motivation. Features articles, daily thoughts, cartoons, and a weblog.
Motivating Moments
Motivational quotes, inspiring stories, and motivational posters for sale. Visitor contributions are welcome.
Articles and tips on motivation, inspiration, and finding happiness. Checklists, quotations and free ideas kit.
Motivation: An Overview
Offers a detailed overview of psychological research on motivation to achieve.
My 50
Allows the user to create a list of things they wish to achieve in their lifetime, monitor that list, and read others' lists.
National Dream Roundup
An organization dedicated to helping people plant and harvest their dreams. Free newsletter.
Optimal Thinking Global Community
Offers personal and professional development using motivational seminars, consultations, and products.
Positive Projections
Stories and resources that emphasize what's really important, how to make it part of life, and enjoy it once it's there.
Steve Pavlina - Personal Growth and Conscious Living
Free personal development and conscious living resources, with a focus on discovering your life purpose and summoning the courage to begin acting on it.
Tame Your Brain
Jan Tincher, hypnotherapist and master neuro-linguistic programmer, offers free articles that teach strategies and techniques to help people live a better, more successful life.
Top Achievement
Goal setting, motivation and the art of self help. Includes The Personal Achievement Quote of the Day, The Achievers Edition journaling tool, articles, goal setting and other self help resources, and a discussion board.
Totally Unique Thoughts
Life itself is the ultimate Adventure! Sign up for Monday Morning Motivator email, read testimonials, and join the Adventurers Club. Books, t-shirts and other motivational products, as well as e-cards and bulletin boards.
True Insights
Resource to help build a foundation for personal success, including "Pearls of Wisdom" quotes, illuminating stories, inspirational poetry and pictures, Collective Journey newsletter.
A View From The Ridge
Logic makes people think. Emotions make people act. Author Ridgely Goldsborough publishes a heartfelt daily column of inspirational stories.
Wikipedia - Motivation
Article giving an overview of the concept. Includes history, information on human psychological drives, and applications in business and education.
You Can Choose To Be Happy
A self-development text is available free of charge, as well as psychologist-created programs.
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