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Cancer Control and Population Sciences: Tobacco Control Research
NCI monographs pull together research results on cigarettes, smoking, prevention, and related topics.
Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education
Repository for scholarship published by the Center spanning policy and historical research, economics, and science.
Clearing the Smoke: Assessing the Science Base for Tobacco Harm Reduction
Online book runs to 700 pages and has chapters on: harm reduction, tobacco products, nicotine pharmacology, tobacco smoke and toxicology, cancer, heart disease, birth defects, and tobacco industry marketing of health claims.
The Impact of Tobacco Control Program Expenditures on Aggregate Cigarette Sales: 1981-1998
Econometric analyses of the impact of tobacco control expenditures on aggregate tobacco use show that state tobacco control programs work.
The Institute for Global Tobacco Control at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
The Institute strives to prevent death and disease from tobacco use around the world through research, education, evaluation, and policy development.
JAMA Tobacco
Recent papers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on tobacco and related topics.
Monitoring the Tobacco Epidemic: Data Sources
Abstracts from conference presentations on measuring prevalence, demographics, and trends.
Most Smokers Do Not View Themselves At Increased Risk for Health Problems
Contrary to assertions that "everyone knows", research finds that most smokers underestimate the risk.
Nicotine Perfectly Built for Addiction
Recent research concludes "it would be difficult to design a better drug to promote addiction" than nicotine.
NIDA Research Report - Nicotine Addiction
From the National Institute on Drug Abuse, report on nicotine, nicotine delivery systems such as cigarettes and other tobacco products, the extent and impact of tobacco products, treatments for nicotine addiction, and gender differences.
The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
OTRU is the research component of the Ontario Tobacco Strategy, and is a focal point for an active tobacco control research network in Ontario.
A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Community Prevention Campaign
Eight pairs of small Oregon communities were randomly assigned to receive a school based prevention program alone, or that plus a community program. Results, analysis, and discussion.
Smoking Experimentation and Smoking-attributable Mortality due to Joe Camel and Marlboro advertising and promotions
"Despite public denials, internal tobacco company documents indicate that adolescents have long been the target of cigarette advertising and promotional activities...(From this analysis) we projected how many future deaths in the United States can be attributed to each brand."
Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
Information on the latest research, abstracts, publications and events related to nicotine and tobacco.
Special Populations and Tobacco
Poster session from recent conference looks at tobacco and ethnic minorities, low income Americans, people with disabilities.
Surveillance and Evaluation Program
Monitors trends in tobacco use in Wisconsin, evaluates statewide programs and policies, and assists local communities in program evaluation and communicating findings to state and local leaders.
Tobacco Research from Around the World: An International Perspective Poster Session
Abstracts from scientific publications presented at a 2002 health conference, discusses issues in Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Banglandesh, France, Taiwan.
Tobacco Use in British Columbia
Results of extended telephone survey in BC, Canada, looks at trends, provincial breakdown, aboriginal use, south east Asian use, alternate tobacco forms, and teen use.
Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Research funding opportunities; research progress reports; conference proceedings and publications; newsletters; upcoming events.
UW - Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention
Academic center at the University of Wisconsin dedicated to researching tobacco dependence, providing intervention and outreach services for young people and adults, and developing policy initiatives to reduce tobacco use and resultant health and economic burdens. Tobacco facts, research study participation, grant opportunities, latest research findings.
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