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This category is full of sites on caring and maintaining house plants as well as a variety of decorating tips and specific plant information.

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Air Plants
Offers growing and care advice for tillandsias: watering, lighting, fertilizing, mounting, propagation and FAQ.
AllExperts House Plants
Offers answers to reader-submitted questions. Includes reader's ratings and comments.
Grower of gesneriads and succulents in Belarus offers personal articles and photo galleries of African violets, streptocarpus, and adeniums. Site in Russian/English/French.
Care of Specialty Potted Plants
Offers information on identification and care of various popular houseplants. From Virginia Cooperative Extension.
Caring for Flowering and Foliage House Plants - The Garden Helper
Offers information on topics including dish gardens, terrariums, indoor topiaries, repotting, pests and toxic plants. Includes a glossary, botanical names and guides to individual species.
Extreme Indoor Gardening
Provides information on indoor gardening. Topics include the basics, troubleshooting and children's projects.
Fia's Pelargoniums
Offers information on raising pelargoniums in an apartment. Includes photographs.
Garden Web House Plants Forum
Offers a discussion forum. Topics include care, selection and sources.
Guide to Houseplants
Basic cultural information, with illustrated profiles of popularly grown houseplants.
House Plants
Offers information on air-cleaning and poisonous plants. Includes details toxicity and risks.
Houseplant Care Tips
Blog whose posts present care tips and guidelines for a variety of houseplants, with discussion in the comments sections.
Houseplant Hydroculture
Guide to growing houseplants without the use of soil: materials, nutrients, plant care, and FAQs.
Houseplants - University of Illinois Extension
Offers information on topics including needs, selection, care, health and propagation. Includes types by botanical and common name and by light requirements.
The house plants guide that offers advice about all aspects of growing indoors and caring for each species.
How to Grow Houseplants
Favorite Houseplants and how to grow them. Facts on water, light, feeding, propagation, trouble signs.
Hoya Plants and Cuttings
On this site you will find many species of hoyas that have been collected from around the world. Enjoy the photos and tidbits written about each species.
I Can Garden Houseplants
Offers feature articles. Topics include repotting, seasonal tips, checking seeds and non-toxic pesticides.
Indoor plant care
Large catalog of indoor plants with images, descriptions, care instructions and tips.
Indoor Plants - Terrariums
Offers tips on growing in transparent glass or plastic. Topics include containers, soil, placement and care.
The Joy of Plants
Offers a library of over 1,000 houseplant profiles with growing guides and care tips.
Offers a discussion board for trading house plants. Includes some issue discussions.
My Hoyas
Includes photographs and descriptions of the author's hoya collection. [English, Swedish]
Our House Plants
Offers a variety of houseplant profiles, care information, galleries and help sections for when things are going wrong.
Plant And Flower Info.com
Plant care information for interior plants and flowers. Care information includes pictures for identification, watering and lighting info and guidelines and general houseplant care information.
Plant Crazy
Blog describing Jordan and Annah's personal houseplant collection, with photos, progress updates, and practical tips.
Guide to house plants, featuring a directory of common species with basic information and a photo for each, articles about care and culture, and questions and answers.
Plants are the Strangest People
An informative blog which offers information on a wide selection of houseplants. Personal experiences, care tips and discussions in the comments.
Poinsettia Care
Help for troubleshooting and care tips.
Sos plant care
Houseplant care guides and related tips.
Offers information about growing the Peace Lilly indoors. Includes care, varieties and FAQ.
University of Illinois Extension: Poinsettia Pages
Poinsettia history, facts, and care, including instructions for reflowering.

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